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What you should know about Google SERP checker tool

What is Google SERP

SERP is abbreviated as Search Engine Results Pages and it is the list of results that is displayed in search engine in response to the entered in a search line query or keywords. SERP includes linked web page title, linked page uniform resource locator or more familiar to us - URL, short description of page’s content and sometimes links to the most interesting points of websites, connected with searched data. Search Engine Results Pages may display two main types of results:

  • pages that were indexed and crawled by search engine;
  • pages that appear like a paid results.

Links to websites appear in SERP according to the relevance of query phrases and searched data. At the top of SERP we will see the most optimized, useful or paid results. You always can find out about your place in SERP using Google SERP tool. Being on top, for example, of Google SERP, is usually the most desirable thing for owners of online business. In occupation of this attractive position SEO-optimizers play an important role. They, with a help of Google SERP checker tool, indicate site’s place in SERP, eliminate internal and external errors, build a strategy of promotion and use Google SERP rank checker tool to monitor if the site position in SERP was changed.

Google SERP optimization tools: what they are

Marketers know consumers’ desire, they learn incentives and behavioral principles of everyone, who visits a particular page on the Internet. SEO-optimizers both with marketers create strong promotional strategy and if it is competently built, online-business wins. But how to find out what Google page is my website on? Very simple – with a help of search engine rank checker.
SEO-optimizers usually involve different optimization tools. For example, to check site position in search engine results they use Google SERP position checker. This tool is very useful for permanent monitoring especially while rebuilding or building new optimization strategy or during the internal website’s audit. Use RankActive tools for being always aware of how are things on the site with the positioning in SERP.
To find out what are exactly the most popular keyword and queries related to specific website SEO-optimizers use keywords Google SEO checker. They know that right keywords in 100% get to the point of consumer desires already provide successful promotion to the top, leaving behind “not so optimized competitors”. You can also check SERP rank of the website by the keywords via RankActive tool.
Google SERP optimization tools are usually not difficult in use but they require specific knowledge of how to interpret displayed data and use it for subsequent optimization.

Google SERP elements in Google web-search result

To find out position of your site in Google SERP you can use Google SERP position tool. Via this tool you will get comprehensive information about your site position and rank in search engine. To answer the question “Where do I rank on Google?” you must know what type of elements SERP consists of.
SERP includes different types of elements. They rarely display together at the same time on SERP, but separately always, and in different combinations.
SERP’s elements may be grouped into several groups: local, advertising, knowledge graph and vertical.
Local group of elements includes: local carousel, local knowledge panel, local “pack” results, local “near” results, Google map plus pins.
Advertising group consists of AdWords block, shopping results, AdWords ads (bottom), AdWords ads (right side), the right-hand column block of ads has the highest count.
Knowledge graph is an informational box that serves as a combination of data sources. It may consist of answer box, knowledge graph info, knowledge graph brand, disambiguation box.
Vertical results display visual and informational news. These results usually carefully separated from other blocks. Vertical group results include block of images, videos results that are integrated to organic results, news results, in-depth articles links to which may be months or even years old and are not updated very often.

Google SERP tracker tool

We were talking about SERP elements that may be grouped on one feature, but we must also know about the existence of elements that are not applied to any of the groups, called miscellaneous.
Miscellaneous or mixed elements are site links, authorship markup, review mark-up, social results and related searches. Now we have completed picture of how SERP looks like at user's screen.
To do seo tracking you can use Google SERP tracker tool. It serves as a website ranking tool and helps you to monitor site position in SERP. The results which you will get via tracker tool permits you to see the performance of the website in everyday activity ongoing in Google search engine.
Your site's position may change every day. Improvement or deterioration of positioning results depends on different factors: your SEO-optimization steps, competitor activity, etc.
Use RankActive tools to track a Google search position of your website. Simplicity in using and full range of data you will be given bring you strong basis to start acting in the right way.

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