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What competitor Google ranking report is

SEO reports in use

A ranking report is just one of the varions of summarising the data that is gathered during the check of the website ranking. To make it comfortable and understandable it arranges gathered analysis in a table that shows the fluctuations in the website position, the dynamics and other information needed. The reports can imply the data on the keywords, featuring and their positions as well. Generally, they are important to track changes over the time that you want to analyse. The users might also be offered to consider a competitor Google ranking report to have the ability to compare if their results are different. Still, the SEO reporting is not being used only by the professionals to track the working process but to let the customer be aware of them.

A rank of the page

A Google search ranking report, for instance, would provide the interested party with the rank of the Internet page that is in question. The website rank or position is its number as it would appear in the SERPs (search engine results pages). As a user types in a request for the desired search, he receives a list of the websites from the search engine, but what is needed further is that your page is at least on the 1st page of that list in order for the user to visit it. The search engine ranking report is the very tool to analyse where exactly your page could be found - if it is in the end of the list or in the top places. Interchanging the parameters you would be able to track the fluctuations in the ranking of the page.

Rank check personalizing

There exist several ways to make the results of the rank check more accurate according to the needs of the user. For instance, one can decide which one of the search engines the analysis would be executed for. The report on the analysis of rankings for a certain Internet page may differ considerably for Google and, for instance, Yandex. Another possibility of discovering the variations in the traffic of visitings of the site is to change the region that the check would be executed for. You can enter a specific country and run the check and do the same for another one. Like that it would be evident what region the page is more popular. The third parameter that the user is welcome to alter according to his wishes is the checking language. It is to be same as the language of the keywords though so there is no liberty here. Altering a different parameter at a time the user gets the full picture for the Google search engine ranking with any ranking tool used. Before starting the check to get a SEO ranking report there should be a base of keywords to run it. If you don't have any, the tool that you are going to use to check the rank, let it be RankActive platform, can generate them for you if you only enter the page's URL address. Finally, as you have inserted the keywords in the field of Google ranking tool you can run the check and get the ranking report that you need.

The regularity and schedule

A Google rank checker report would offer you an amount of checks that you can perform per day is unlimited, but as a matter of fact it is unlikely that you would need it that often. To track the changes on the daily basis you can run the analysis manually every day at any preferable time or you can schedule one. The scheduled checks would be performed as often as you want them to and you will be getting a base of data concerning your website. The last thing you have to do is to set the regularity. In regard of time the reports can be generated for the time period of your choice. You can change it prior to report generation to a month, a week or several days. Every type of the check performed would appear on the list as a separate line where all the needed information would be presented.

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