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Choose the right Google search rank checker tool

The essence of rank checker tools

Modern companies optimize their websites for different search engines by means of placing on them certain keywords. The judicious choice of target keywords allows to get good SEO results after use of Google search rank checker or RankActive keyword tools with the similar function. Just keywords are the principal component of success when business comes to contextually targeted advertising or PPC, let alone that keywords are of primary importance when ranking the website in organic search engine results. Meanwhile, the main idea of Google search rank checker tool and the similar ones is to deliver ranking results for web pages and target keywords, storing them for easy and effective comparison later. Also such tools help to track selected keywords over time so as to see the most productive efforts that have made the expected impact on rankings.

Powerful keywords for SEO: the main choice rules

In order that any website rank checker can yield good results it needs to choose good keywords as well. By the way, today in the sphere of search engine marketing the term “keyword” means most likely the expanded and exact for SEO term “key phrase” rather than just “word”. Back on topic, it should be noted that sometimes owners of different websites as well as some SEO experts complicate the principles of the keyword matching concept. Here it is very important to remember that each keyword should be fitted for website content. It is also necessary to avoid high competitive keywords; in a different way the site should be either a highly authoritative web resource (that is a long-range and quite difficult objective) or chosen keywords have to match the domain name of the site, that is especially pleasant to such tools as Google search position checker and the similar ones. One more rule to choose good keywords is to direct your website content-strategy in right directions. It means to reveal the client needs and use this knowledge in creation of the most effective “user-website” cooperative experience. In its turn, it will allow to receive better results of Google rank tracker use and higher rate of ROI, as well as attract the bigger traffic volume.

Rank tracker as a tool for inner SEO

Monthly checking of search engine statistics by means of SEO rank tracker or some other keyword ranking checker tools will certainly give the useful data about quality of the inner website optimization. As we know high rankings and big traffic volume are impossible without good inner site optimization. And if to tell about such component of the website promotion as its inner optimization of web pages, it is safe to say that it has no limits of its opportunities. There are some other recommendations except the regular use of Google keyword rank checker or some like this one, that should be mentioned here. In the first instance, each website needs high-quality keyword optimization of its documents, that is, SEO specialists have to study the title tag, meta tags of their description and keywords, have good keyword density for all web pages, carry out work with logical document formatting. Also the inner website optimization is impossible without optimization of its reference structure that implies inner distribution of links and distribution of PageRank. No less important a factor is the correct optimization of pictures and usability work (understandability of the website structure or simplification of some actions, for example, goods searching or making an order).

Google keyword ranking report

It is possible to highlight up to 500 different parameters of the inner website optimization that should be controlled regularly. And if some of them have secondary importance, the other ones have strong influence on the website quality and finally its effectiveness in future. Meanwhile, it is difficult to see each factor done, that’s why Google keyword ranking report comes to the aid. With the help of this function you can track keywords performance, compare them to define productivity of the keyword optimization of your website, control keyword rankings, etc. Use of Google keyword position checker tool with receiving such reports SEO experts have an occasion to make easier their work, as well as do more effective SEO.

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