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SEO initial basis: work with the keywords to improve your results

The situation when SEO work not effective as it presumed to work happens frequently, especially with the time flow. Good optimized and presented website starts to going down in the Google search position finder results list. And carefully selected keywords are providing not so good positions in SERP, as it intended to be. There is time to do additional work to maintain project just to reach the previously high ranking.
The better way to improve the quality of the content of the page and the list of the keywords starts from the good understanding of the current situation. To improve the SEO on a given website or fix periodical problems with the project the specialist have to define the correct baseline with the previously used keywords. It is possible to do it manually or use Google keyword rank checker with the appropriate functionality. Some tools can save a lot of time making the process automatic.
As a result, the SEO specialist receives the list of keywords with their optimisation effectiveness. This group of keywords, presumably, was a successfully used in the past of the project during its beginning phase of development, but now it working with not appropriate quality. Tracking the basic list of keywords periodically is an effective method to start the improvement and optimization work in time, before it influence the general marketing of the project.

The keywords to work

Each keyword, entered in keyword tool, bring the information for the SEO-specialist to work with. Sometimes is vital to use the engines, like google search engine, in a way the client or user uses them. Doing this, SEO-specialist receives the list of suggested keywords, provided by the engine, and the suggested search options, in addition to the first page of the search results. This information can help to improve the SEO quality as well as Google position checker tool results.
It takes some time to analyze the results of the keywords use in connection with the first search page list, but it helps to develop a new approach to the target website SEO with the expectations close to realistic view. The use of short keywords can result in high competition. Such competitive pages, in most cases, are hard or nearly impossible to compete with in the market segment of the target project. The way to solve this problem is to define a group of long-tailed keywords with the high-rank results but without such strong competitive projects.
Newly researched long-tailed keywords can effectively improve the ranking of the website. They have relatively small traffic to compare with the main keywords of the website, but correct use will result in steady improvement.

How to use the results

The defined keyword group now has to be incorporated in the site content and webpage structure. This includes keywords variations and long-tailed keywords researched earlier. A single target keyword can find its place in the page titles and page descriptions. The description may not be viewed in Google SERP, but it achieve a higher position in the rank checker.
The target keywords or their variations should be included in the page H1 tags and body section of the page too. The keyword used in these sections of the webpage have to be relevant to the content and be consistent with it.
It will be an effective strategy to spread targeted group of the keyword to all pages of the website or do it for the biggest part of them. The content and the keywords, however, have to be relevant not just for main pages, but for all included pages. In addition, the types of content different from textual can be used to improve the user-friendly effect of the website (like relevant pictures or videos). After the keyword improvement, the off-site optimization can be conducted to make the SEO even more effective. But, it is a good thing to have in mind, that the content quality is the cornerstone of great SEO.
The use of the described methods potentially will result in evident progress of the website ranking. Keyword optimization alone cannot assure a fast increase of the site rank, so it is also vital to track the position periodically and make further improvements. In long time perspective, it will have better results than temporal over-optimization ranking boost.

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