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Examine google search result position checker tool

why do you need google search result position checker

There is no secret that Google algorithm keeps changing and nobody really knows what are the exact steps to be taken to get high ranking. But there do exist a few things which definitely should be done to avoid low ranking. They are: make your project mobile-friendly, saturate your site with quality content and be sure to get only value backlinks (and get rid of the bad ones). Worth noting that even one page with low quality content can affect negatively the ranking of the whole site so make sure you have improved shoddy pages.
And it certainly won’t harm to use seo checker. Actually it is crucial to check your site for all kind of troubles – duplicate content, invalid code response, and low quality backlinks. And it would be helpful to use Google search result position checker. Google ranking tool provides you with information how high your site is in Google ranking. If you are planning SEO campaign it is vital to know site’s current position, estimate what keywords bring traffic to your project, explore popularity of the keyword in the selected location. Google SERP keyword position checker gives you all this data. Also Google keyword rank checker is necessary if you are doing SEO for clients and want to show the results of your work. No doubts it is useful whilst promoting your own site. Measuring site’s position in search engine you can estimate how effectively you have spent your money and time.

Ranking module – a useful google position checker

Anyway if you set your mind to use quality Google search position finder it is useful if the selected tool can monitor your backlinks and check your site for technical issues as well. RankActive platform is just the thing. It conducts integrated analysis on your project providing you with data sufficient to work out your optimization strategy. Search engine ranking checker by RankActive is called Ranking module. This tool displays data in two parts. The first part presents data at large. It is represented by a graph at the top of a page. The graph displays data about your keywords in bulk for a particular time period. You can discover how many of your keywords are in top 10 or top 3. The data is available in percentage terms as well as in numbers. To monitor the specific numbers for any date during selected period, hover cursor over the graph.
Also you can select a search engine. You can easily explore your project’s ranking at large in various search engines and compare the results. Certainly you can select a time period. Worth noting that this Google search result position checker stores all the data for limitless period of time so can snippets and snapshots of any desired date. Besides, above the graph you can select your project (if you have a few of them). So it is very convenient: you don’t have to move from one page to another to check all your sites, everything is available at one place.

Detailed analysis of your keywords

The second part of this search engine ranking checker is presented by a table below.
It contains much more detailed information about your keywords. You can monitor current position of every keyword, compare it with the keyword’s position during selected period. Thus you can track dynamics of keyword’s changes. Cost Per Click provides you with recommended prices from AdWords. Also you can add tags to your keywords to be able to group them. Besides, clicking at Top 10 icon you get access to the ads and snippets of your competitors from Top 10. Actually the table of this Google ranking tool provides a wide range of parameters to check. And it is possible to hide those ones you don’t need and arrange the useful ones in a desired for you way. But the best part of it is that you can filter those parameters. It allows you to analyse the data straight in the interface. The table you have created can be exported to Excel. You just have to click the appropriate button.
Data in the table is being updated automatically (Ranking and Total Results daily, the rest monthly) but you can do it manually using “Update Ranking” button.

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