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How to achieve seo-effectiveness of a website

Every owner of a corporate site, online shop or personal blog wants mainly one thing - to drive a website into the top of search, especially Google. Online business wants to increase profits, and the user - its popularity and recognition. The main question is how to achieve this? The right way is to improve their Google search position is an effective SEO-strategy.
Improvement of an organic traffic of the web page - is a direct path to an increasing of key effectiveness indicators, such as the permanent flow of new loyal customers, new blog readers and passion followers, average cheque growth and intensification of sales as a whole. The main problem of webmasters and marketers is that the Google search engine updates its algorithms very often and it is not easy to fool it. If you want to generate targeted traffic and occupy top position in search results in Google, then follow the tips below.

How to be optimized “for humans and robots”: The main steps

Google’s mission described in the statement: “The organization of the world's information and turning it into useful and accessible thing”.
Any competent webmaster to maximize needed results, must adjust website content in accordance to Google’s mission and requirements of Google search engine. This content should bring visible benefits to consumers and increase efficiency of the website, then a good chance to
occupy a TOP position in Google search results exists.
To optimize website content as a whole it is important to carry out the following steps:

  1. Assess your current rating
  2. Constantly monitor your metrics
  3. Regularly conduct research of keywords
  4. Analysis of inbound links

Doing these seo tracking steps, you will be able to define your Google search position. So, if you pay due attention to the above steps, then you draw organic traffic, ensure constant attendance without violating the search engine policy.

Assessment of current rating

Before starting to improve your search engine ranking it is important to evaluate current position in Google search results. This step is very important even if your website or blog is young. There are some tools that can carry on this task. Any rank checker will provide you with the following information: location of your website in Google search results, competitor website which occupies a first place in Google keyword rank checker with a link. Also you can find new opportunities to track your rankings with a RankActive.
Then you will need to check the speed of the website. If it runs slowly, the chance to occupy top position is minimum. For example, with every second of website’s speed acceleration, conversion increased by 2%.

Metrics monitoring: inbound links and keyword performance

It's hard to know where you're going if you don't know where you are. So, to continue improving your SEO, you need to establish important baseline metrics.
Here are the most important metrics to assess.
Organic traffic. It’s important to know how many visitors find your website via Google. It’s a good way to assess it’s effectiveness. Organic traffic reflects unique visitors. Set a monitoring of percentage of newcomers every day, week or month and you will always know if website is interesting to people and Google search engine.
Inbond links. This index will bring you information about a number of links back to your website from the other site.
Keywords. Their relevance defines how well your website rank in search engines for desired search terms. Correctly selected keywords lead a website to the higher position in the search engine results pages (Google serp). To become more effective, you need to pinpoint the keywords that your target audience is using to find your website. What should you do at first? Start to spy on competitors. If you realized that competitors are ranking ahead of your website in Google search position finder, it is a very good time to start spying. Use RankActive tools or Google keyword planner for this. Effective seo-strategy leads to desirable success!

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