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Good SEO for a long time: appropriate content is crucial

The popularity of the website and correspondent traffic have a direct connection to the profit of its owner. Effective results on Google search engine position checker about the project can be accounted as an indicator. However, to produce a long-term high rating, the website optimization needs some elements of strategy. This strategy consists of some vital parts not connected to the specific SEO instruments.
Content is the main reason for the customer to visit the site. The information or goods the visitor find is vital for the site long-term reputation, so the one of the most common tips for website content is to update it in time. If the content is not relevant, old or not well organized, the use of technical tricks cannot influence a website SEO. The website has to attract users by making them achieve the goal of their search.
To avoid any content duplication between pages or related blogs, the main source page has to be defined and has a place in the general structure. Any search error in a long-time perspective can make a search engine to avoid the page. It is important to periodically check if the site displayed correctly and fix any appearing problems. Many small mistakes could create a general SEO problem with incorrect internal links and Google position checker online results, so a use of any diagnostic tool is required periodically.

Onsite optimization is as important as link management

The second point is connected with the content quality. Most popular websites are user-friendly sites with clear and organized structure. Hard or not-working navigation inside the web page could result in many disappointed users and bad reputation/negative feedback. Intuitive style navigation will bring many return visits. It is good to use all kinds of media for a proper illustration and to improve user-friendly elements of the website.
Therefore, the set of relevant keywords has to be connected with the information the website is focused on. It will be a good idea to use Google serp rank checker tools and to check keyword ranking . Using the simple methods, like increasing the number of the pages, it is important to make these pages good-structured. In addition, it is better to have a large number of short articles connected by the topic, than one long text presentation. It also speeding up the loading time of the website.

Avoid the using of black hat SEO methods

The long-term good reputation of a website based on appropriate content management and good SEM methods can easily beat short-living tricks like keyword spamming or a massive amount of doorway pages. In addition, any black hat method will be eventually discovered and made ineffective by search algorithm optimization. The sites marked about such activity in any way will produce no traffic at all.
With the time flow, the risk of being caught with such methods using is increasing. This is the reason for their short period of use. Such methods can provide high characteristics on any analytic instruments or rank tracker, but these results are not a correspondent for the real situation. The overall positive effect of their use is quite questionable.

For site owners: better SEO company make better results

Site owners actually do not have to be good at any aspects of SEO. The SEO Company have to provide them the best service. It is important to have in mind, that the short-term results not always guarantee the long-time good reputation for the domain.
The company have to be experienced and has a suitable set of cases to present. It if most appropriate if the case projects are similar to the website of the customer. The company representative should provide the clear information about company plans on customer’s projects and some alternative options to choose and discuss.
If any company methods are not from white list (Black hat SEO), this company is a candidate to avoid. The use of unappropriated search optimizations methods could result in a continuous exception from the search engine list.
These tips provide a general guideline how to make a website long living, but they should be used in connection with other appropriate SEO tool and methods to have a successful campaign.

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