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The real possibilities of Google ranking check tool

A ranking tool Vs. no ranking tool

Owning a website, be it Internet commerce, a blog or any other type of the Internet page requires a whole lot of work that is needed to be done. After the editing of the content and designing the page, when it works properly and starts getting visitors a question of popularity pops up. The issues with making a blog popular or the Internet shop website more visited has recently become great and very important. A lot of people are struggling to get in the top in the search engine results pages (SERPs). “Why?” – you could ask. Well, the answer is simple – the higher your position in the SERPs is, the more likely the users would visit your page. To find out the actual position of your page you would need a specific tool – a SEO Google ranking check tool. This is the instruments that lets the user to analyse the position of the page in the SERPs and would show various other relevant parameters. If you would like to know more, read along.

Functionality of the ranking tool

Before considering the functions of the ranking tool it would be logical to study out its types and variations. So, as for a Google search ranking checker it may come in two versions depending on whether you install it to your hard drive or use a portable Internet based version that can be accessed through a browser, for instance, RankActive SEO platform. The difference in functionality is minimized and you have to know that in order to run the check or to access the results of the prior checks you would anyway need Internet access so the choice is left to your pure preferences. Like that, if the question you need an answer for is “Where do I rank on Google?” the SEO ranking tool of whichever type you prefer is the solution. Say you have already chosen or installed the tool, what can you do with it? Even though the range of the operation that it can run is limited, the information that you can get would be more than enough for any of your need in the SEO domain. For instance, to run a ranking check of your page you need a list of keywords that is likely to be in your position if you are the owner of the site. Otherwise the tool can help you generate them. The report that you would get after the basic check would contain much more information than just the number of your site in the selected SERP, but also an estimated traffic, the relevance of the keywords and their ranking, the changes in the position over a designated period of time, etc.

Changeable parameters

Any Google search position finder would let you limit the area of the search changing the parameters. Say you are an owner of an Internet shop website, who mainly works in USA, but have a possibility of shipping worldwide. If you would be willing to know, what your position is in the SERP for the United States and Europe, for example, you would be able to do this by changing the region for the analysis executed. You can set the region or a certain country if you need to. Another important thing that you can change is the search engine (SE). You may be surprised by the following fact, but the results of ranking for different SEs can differ considerably. Evidently, you need to know about this, as it can be crucial for the business. The last parameter that you can alter is the language of the checking. Google rating check would be run in English if you do not change it. Why would you need to do it? For instance, if your Website or blog is not in English and as a result the keywords are inserted in another language, you would need to let the Google SERP rank check tool know about it by changing it to the one that you actually need. Those three parameters can be altered all at once or you could combine them to get even more information about the traffic and popularity of your page on the Internet.

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