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Rank checking Google with an appropriate tool

Rank checking in Google, hard but necessary

Due to personalized search results it becomes troublesome to check Google rank for one’s website. Being number one when you check Google rank for a keyword manually doesn’t mean you are number one for everybody. Besides, one has to bear in mind location which determines users’ search results. Moreover, Google keeps updating its search algorithms so a webmaster has to be on his guard not to miss a new regulations and stay up to date.
It is so easy to give up on website Google ranking but doing this equals forsaking your SEO efforts. The competition is too high to neglect the slightest opportunity for high Google ranking. Anyway, a certain number of users gets search results without your website due to personalization but being number one for general SERP boosts your odds of conversion comparing to position on the second (and further) page.
So rank checking in Google has its obstacles,nevertheless it is quite difficult to stay away from this option.

Google rank checking software vs free rank checking tool

And if you need to check Google position out of curiosity you may do well with free online Google rank checker. But if rank checking in Google is your bread and butter you need advanced Google rank tracker software.Also you may need this service if you are running a powerful SEO campaign for your website. The difference between these two options is crucial. Free Google rank checker places restrictions on number of keywords to check meanwhile with a Google rank checking software you can track as many keywords as you need. But the software is able to process huge volumes of search terms. Also not every free Google ranking checker is reliable and trustworthy. Whereas a paid software provides you with accurate data. And the most significant difference is that free Google rank checker offers you only one option and a Google rank checking software is a toolset which enables you to explore granular data about your keywords and related to them information.

What Google rank checking software offers you

Using Google rank tracker software you can select a variety of parameters by default. Also you won’t have to type your keywords anew every time you need to check your Google position. You can monitor history of your search terms so you always stay cognizant which one has gone up or down. Google rank checking software enables you to check Google rank for a website for a particular time period. Also you can explore the average position of all your keywords.
Besides, Google rank checking software allows you to update all your information daily. Nobody needs obsolete data and overseeing what’s going on with your website in real time is particularly important.
Moreover, besides performing rank checking in Google a software delivers handy scheduled reports about your keywords. Some services also offer email alerts which are delivered if something has gone wrong. So if you get such email you can immediately start fixing the issue.

Rank checking in Google with Ranking module

A decent Google rank checking software is Ranking product, part of RankActive platform. It has all the virtues an average software possesses and a little more. If you use Ranking module you also get access to Backlink module and Website Auditor. So RankActive platform is all in one solution for webmasters. Here you can not only check Google rank for your website but also track your backlinks and make sure your site is search engine friendly. Thus you get insights where you underperform, what aspects of your project you need to improve, strengthen.
Ranking module displays detailed data in a handy Table. It is editable: you can filter it, add or remove columns containing parameters. You can modify it until it displays only what you need thus you can get a clearer picture for a selected parameter. Besides, you can save a modified version of the Table as Excel document.
Alongside with numerous checked parameters Google rank checking software includes such calculated parameters as keyword efficiency index and estimated traffic volume.
Also it is possible to make segmented keyword lists by adding a particular tag to a group of keywords. So you can customize this Google rank tracker to get a software you feel comfortable with.

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