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All rankings updates automatically every day.

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You can compare rankings of your project with any to dates.

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Keyword tags

Segment your keywords as you wish.

Comprehensive keywords data

Search volume, predicted traffic, CPC, KEI, total results and much more.

SERP history, ads and snippets

RankActive keep SERP snapshot, paid ads and snippet data for every keyword for every day.

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Best Google rank checker UK

how to increase Google page rank

Google keep changing their ranking algorithm making it more complicated and the question how to get high rankings on Google seems more difficult. My website ranking depends on many factors. Nevertheless among numerous suggested ideas of how to increase Google page rank you can find a few proven ways to achieve coveted position. Use pagerank checker or Google page rank tool.

It is a no-brainer but take care of your backlinks. Only quality backlinks can help to boost your seo ranking. Inbound links from dubious sites on the other hand diminish your site’s ranking. So brainstorm how to get your website higher on Google searchers by gaining more backlinks: provide testimonials to the companies whose services you use, provide discount on your services (or suggest for free if you can afford it) to the respectable company or organization, they will jump at this opportunity and supply you with quality backlinks, spy on your competitor after all.

Keep your site healthy to get good ranking

You should use website auditor tool to fix technical problems which may occur with your site. Make sure Robot.txt file and XML sitemap are present, check your canonical tag. Otherwise technical flaws may cause duplicate content which will result in dividing backlinks between two different URLs.
Google pay attention to the title of your page so placing keywords in the title tag is one of the ways how to get your site higher on Google searches.
It may be helpful to add ALT text if you are placing images on your website (it is a brief description for software used by the visually impaired). Since Google rely on words the description is treated like words occurring on your page.
And certainly pick your content carefully. People use internet to get new information and Google is eager to provide such information because if it isn’t helpful people won’t use it. That’s why it is crucial to saturate your site with unique quality content.

Powerful Google rank checker uk a tool for site’s promotion

Anyway, your SEO campaign is doomed to failure without a proper rank checker tool. You have to know what keywords your site is ranking for, its position in the search results for each of these words. Using Google rank checker UK at the beginning of the site promotion provides data of the current position in SERP. Also it helps to measure how successful is your optimization over time.
Ranking module is a base for any project promotion. This helpful Google rank checker UK equips you with all necessary data about your site’s ranking and even more. The Ranking module is divided into three parts: Controls, The Graphs and The Table. In the Controls section you can choose major settings for the project: select the period of rank check and a search engine.
The Graph displays the keyword percentage for every day from the selected period. Hovering over the graph you’ll see the percentage and number of keywords of particular date.
The Table contains keywords, positions and other useful data.

Helpful data provided by RankActive for your SEO campaign

Delta column shows the difference between the current position and the initial position.
Search Volume column shows the popularity of a keyword in a specific region with a selected search engine. So you can check how efficient the keyword is by itself. If Search Volume parameter for the keyword is high you can be sure people search for it thus they will certainly find your site.
CPC (cost per click) column is useful for contextual advertising. At a glimpse you can find out price recommended by Google AdWords. Thus you can calculate budget for the campaign.
Moreover, columns in the table let you know the exact date when a particular keyword was added, estimated traffic value, total amount of documents found for a certain search query, Google SERP elements and so on.
All the columns of the table are accessible for filtration and you can group the columns the way you want it.
Ranking and Total Results are updated daily. Search Volume, Competition and CPC are updated monthly. But all the data can be updated anytime by “Update Rankings” button. Thus Ranking module is a powerful SERPs checker which provides you with sufficient information in real time.

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