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Why google rank checker australia is for you

Rank checker is a necessary tool

Think you have an excellent content on your website or blog, but still lack organic traffic from Google? Well, the trouble might be you are not using any keywords in your texts or articles, or using the wrong ones. Some keywords are too competitive, which means there are too many websites presenting great information on them and competing with each other. This means your chances of getting into the top of the search results are few and people just do not find your site. How can you fix it? Well, you can use several tools to check the keyword popularity, such as Google rank checker Australia and discover your ranking with this search engine.

Why to use Google keyword rank checker online

There is such a term as SERP that you need to be aware of. It stands for Search Engine Results Pages. It basically means your page ranking for a particular keyword among the other pages. For instance, you wish to rank well for the keyword “star wars universe”. The Google rank checker tool allows you to easily and quickly find out your position in SERP for the mentioned word.
You simply enter it into the tool field, add your website URL, pick the country you wish to learn your rank for (we will talk about the local ranking a bit later here) and wait. In a minute or so you get the result for the keyword and your pages. You find out on which page clients can find your site in the Google search results, when they type “star wars universe” into the search field.

Local business

You can locate your business using Google Maps and this way people can find you more easily. Some of such tools are essential for SEO. For instance, you may use Google keyword tool locally. This means when you search for the best keywords, you pick the country or countries of the world, where you wish to rank high.
Such a free Google rank checker can help you see, how many monthly searches are carried out in those particular local areas. Then you can decide whether you really wish to use the keyword or not in the future on your web pages. It shows you how well it delivers the desired results.
For instance, RankActive provides you with the easy and quick tool to check SERP results for your keywords. Once you know them, you can figure out which keywords work the best for your site and business. Beside that, in near future RankActive will launch a Google rank checker API so the developers can get the desired data much easier and faster.

Why do search results and ranking differ from country to country?

Using the local tools such as RankActive website rank checker, can help you discover your ranking for each particular city or area, or country. This is essential for small businesses, which work locally. What if you sell windows or any other goods in Australia? Do you really need customers from Japan or USA? Surely not.
They might boost your web traffic, but you would have a hard time converting them. Google is smart, so it would rank local sites higher than the foreign ones. If your business is located in Australia, then you would certainly rank higher for the same keyword there. However, if the search is carried out in USA, you rank for the keyword might be lower and your site be down by some positions.
Such an approach is logical and useful. It provides preferences for local businesses in local searches. Along with the page rank checker you can use other ranking tools to find out your positions for each country and even for each city or location. This way you can benefit from choosing the keywords that work the best locally and drive more Google organic search traffic to your web pages. This is a great SEO approach and it provides you with vital competitive advantage in running your business.

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