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You can compare rankings of your project with any to dates.

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Keyword tags

Segment your keywords as you wish.

Comprehensive keywords data

Search volume, predicted traffic, CPC, KEI, total results and much more.

SERP history, ads and snippets

RankActive keep SERP snapshot, paid ads and snippet data for every keyword for every day.

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The use Google page position tool

Your business can’t exist without rank checker tool

When you decide to start project with subsequent sales of products or services, you must know that first thing you need is your own site or account on Google Places. This opportunity will open you a lot of benefits only if you will plan effective marketing strategy. You need to understand that word-of-mouth marketing is not the perfect tool of promotion. In that way you will wait your clients for months or years without exaggeration! Do you want it? Probably, you don’t. So, include in your strategy indispensable Google position checker tool.
How it works? Let’s see other, client’s side to make everything clearly understand. Imagine that you need to find some product. What will you do? Do you ask somebody to help you with the choice or you right away ask Google search? You choose second variant for sure. Opening your browser, you start typing words, which are keywords. You choose TOP position in search results in Google for buying something, don’t you? Do you get how it works? The optimized keywords are determined your page from others and can bring you to the TOP or backwards.

What you need to know about SEO ranking

Firstly, you need to know that organic search is more effective for your business than paid listing. So your site should be on TOP results in natural way. Such effective indicators are based on optimized content with relevant and right keywords, while paid version is not so perfect. In right way you know “what page is my site on Google” and can correct the mistakes, improve the results. So, we come to the most important thing. What is SEO ranking?
It is a process that defines the relevant, important and optimized web pages which are based on keywords among other sites in search engines. It’s not the one determining factor that influence on your ranking position. Many well-qualified SEO experts spend a lot of time to learn these factors. For example, your site has good result position if it has high loading speed of web recourse, correct structure of your site, incoming links that have optimized keywords. But let’s focus on main elements. You can find Google position of your site in TOP results, if you use these elements.

  • Right selected keywords – selling phrases that have commercial possession. You need to know what words are typed by your targeting audience to improve your results. For more comfort you can use the local separation for each keyword. It can bring more useful traffic to your site and then you can see real buyers.
  • Title tag is what people expect to see from you. This phrase must be unique and has less than 70 characters including spaces. It will be perfect if you use your location place in title.
  • Content must include all relative keywords but in that time it can’t be oversaturated by its words. The search engine can block your site if you ignore this rule. You need to concentrate on important keywords, discover the meaning and submit the useful information. The users must emphasize something for themselves, and even if they do not make a purchase the first time, you can be sure, they come back to your site.
  • Images. The pictures, photos or graphics that are interesting to your customers. They need to be useful, have a good quality and get file names that include main keywords. Such optimization tip brings more traffic to your site from Image Search, so be ready for increasing of clients’ number.

How you can choose Google page position tool

If you have a question “how do I check my Google ranking?” right now, so the answer is to use Google engine position checker. You can choose between free and paid tools. The advantages of first group you know exactly – its cost. But, what do you think about disadvantages? The developers can’t open a secret so you only can be satisfied with what you have. Almost all paid versions have trial period, so you can enjoy it for free and estimate the usability and other excellencies.
Perfect example is RankActive. This tool has extensive information about all keywords from your site. It differs from the free tools by some characteristics. There are:

  • Own project management that can cover small projects and business objectives from huge corporations.
  • Web Analytics. You should integrate the Google Analytics account to this tool for getting detailed information about your audience, traffic sources, content, E-commerce and conversions. You can compare, filter all needed data and display information for necessary period of the time.
  • Ranking module consists of 3 parts: Controls, the Graph and the Table. The main goal of module is showing you keywords’ position, their falling or rising for selected time, changing of their popularity. You can also compare and filter all information. Ranking module of Google keyword position checker has imported data from Google AdWords (CPC, level in PPC) and SERP elements that can improve your results in search.

Don’t you want to get good rankings and best profits among competitors? Just try search engine position tracker and you will be delighted with the increased number of sales!

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