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Paid or free SEO Tools: what the reason to use one or another instrument

There are many proposals to use free or paid SEO tools like google position checker in the Web now. Many professional SEO-specialists in their blogs and articles propose to check their “TOP 10” list of instruments to improve the SEO of the sites and projects. It is obvious, that these lists consist of same programs or the tools with the same functionality. So, it is hard to make the difference between google position checker online paid service and the instrument described with the same, but free, opportunity.
We can use free SEO tools for link building, page optimization, check keyword ranking. But, our work on the project is not as “free” as a tool developers call their instruments. Even if we did not spend budget funds, we spent some time and efforts to make a result. The paid service with the same functionality could actually save the time and make the result of SEO work to appear earlier.

Free SEO tools: are they “free”?

So, there are two main reasons for use of free SEO tools. If there is a lot of time for our work and/or there is no budget in the current project to use paid functionality. The situation is quite typical for starting SEO companies, they prefer to use free google rank checker tools instead of paid ones. They are trying to use every possibility they found without additional payments and Google Analytics or Google Webmaster Tools set will be an appropriate starting solution.
If the time is not vital and the SEO strategy prefers organic traffic to paid, the project can run on just by using free functionality. But in modern business there is no time to wait (in most cases), so even the quick rank tracker as a part of the complex SEO solution is better than the same stand-alone tool. Obviously, it is hard to speed up a project not using the paid instruments of SEO.

Paid SEO tools: speed over budget

The main reasons for the use of a paid SEO instruments are time and additional data. When beginning or relatively small SEO company starts to grow and trying to take an advantage on the market of SEO services, the paid tool can provide such an advantage. For example, using SEO and SEM strategies with the paid tools, it is easy to define a list of competitive keywords for the project during a short period of time. Not using the paid functionality and methods is impractical if the goal is to generate a lot of traffic since the organic one is growing too slow.
Knowing such an opposite characteristics of a free and paid tools, it will be a good decision to combine the strong sides and make a search engine optimization process come in stages. At the starting point, it can be a great option to use the free functionality of the many useful SEO tools and instruments from the Web. And, during the project flow, it is possible to carefully choose the right paid online service or tool and customize it for the needs of the project.
Note: It is always important to fill the site with the relevant content since any SEO optimization cannot provide the direct traffic and a large number of visitors if the content is not appropriate. The relevant content and well optimized keywords is a good combination for the modern Web to make reputation and traffic to grow constantly. It is hard to make a visitor use the same site even twice. So, if the content of the site is not understandable or readable, and the site structure or design is not making the visitor share the site address or perform an action.
But for the paid and free SEO tools, services and instruments the winning strategy can be described as an appropriate use of both. Knowing weaknesses and the strong sides of each is a key to combine the unique campaign background. So, the work of an SEO specialist or a marketer will result in high google position checker online results.

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