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Google Places rank tracker for local business

Why small business need to use Google Places

There is no easier way to find the product or service than using an Internet. All owners of small companies or huge corporations know that online presence is irreplaceable point in their business strategy. They fight for the first places in search engine positions to be found by customers. Google statistics shows that every fifth search query is connected to the current location. Keep in mind, Google Places rank tracker software are definitely working on this aspect.
Do you have a small company which covers the needs of local clients rather than a global public? You need to focus on them using your site and business strategy. Google Places are the best way to increase your profit on your local target audience. Don’t waste your time, now it’s high-time to do something right and profitable.

Conception of Google Places

You definitely know about Google Maps. Every region, address and building is listed there, so when someone wants to find some physical place, this engine quickly provides information. The Google Places is a service that adds you to location map whereupon the potential clients or clientele can easily find you. With the help of Google Places the business owners can manage information about their physical area.
Just try to consider that Google usually mix the Google Places’ page, Maps and the natural results, so if you are listed in Google Places, you can create an excellent recognizability of your brand. You can do it with simple 3 steps: register your account with filling the data about user (address, phone number, email, images, videos, business hours and others). Then you need to verify your account with your phone number or email, get the PIN to demand the specified listing. And the 3d step is Google acceptance of your data, so you can be viewed on SERPs. By the way, Google Places service is free so you can in such simple way make best of it.

Best tips of using Google Places

If you want to become most valuable and relevant site among your rivals you have to use up all tools and methods. There are optimized keywords, Google Places rank checker, images and videos, current location for every Google Place on Maps, reliable reviews from your customers. And now let’s know more details.
When you create your Google Places account, it has to be the same as the official site of your company. You get the trust and credibility from your customer only when you can answer all their questions. Try to audit all created profiles to answer on time or at least in that day. For quick and qualitative search, combine all your profiles with linking. You can be known and trusted sooner, if you use the same style of writing content, choosing the images in corporative colors. It makes sense, because your multiple pages have logic and coherence.
Using keywords is irreplaceable part in your marketing strategy. They need to be relevant and focus on your products or services. Of course, avoiding the oversaturation in descriptions helps you to find only potential clients. In other way, the stuffing of common keywords not related to your products can get down your page ranking position. For research optimized keywords you need to use free Google rank tracker or more comfortable paid version. The task of this tool is to analyze all SEO keywords and then bring you to the TOP results.
Simple and appropriate example of Google Places rank tracker is RankActive. It has own project management, monitoring and analytical systems, extended Ranking module. For verifying results, you can check the statistics of growth or fall the number of the visitors using rank tracker Google Analytics. It can show you what keywords your clients type when find you.
Another useful tip is Google Places page for every location. If your company has many affiliates in different cities or physical areas, you need to create an individual Google Places account for each of them with current phone number, address. If you have just one location (restaurant, shop, warehouse, etc), but you can carry out delivery in different regions, you need to create list down with its information.
Promotion interaction with content created by your customers or clients is a powerful tool that can optimize your site. Professional or amateur reviews also append the workability to your site for future potential clients. The best mirror of your brand is natural comments with real photos. For closer relations with your clients you can create blog with enthralling and interesting themes for discussions.
Last tip that make your Google Places profile more professional is focusing on the specialties and advantages. You need to add niceties about actions, loyalty programs, new products, delivery terms and others to intrigue your customers. And don’t forget, these specialties can include keywords relevant to your niche. Your Google Places profile should include all information to call or find you without linking to your official site or using another search source.

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