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It's time to use Google keyword tracker tool

Keywords Tracker Tools and their importance

Doing SEO is not an easy task and for successful implementation of SEO, different techniques are involved. One of the most common techniques is to optimize the content by using the right keywords. With proper keywords, it becomes possible to divert online traffic to any desired site. You can check what page is my website on in Google and then take action. The challenge here is not using the keywords, but to maintain the right balance so that the desired result is received. Thus, use of Google keyword tracker becomes important and you need to do step by step keyword research.
With the help of keyword tracking tools, the position of the keywords is checked. This is done to facilitate the SEO as it monitors the performance of a particular keyword in relation to any website address or web page. By tracking the position of keywords, a webmaster can understand the SERP position.
By targeting the right keyword, it becomes possible for any SEO service provider to rank your site amongst the best sites. If the keywords are not proper then one cannot divert online traffic to their site. Instead, they will be diverted away from the site. So, by using a keyword properly not only that the site ranking is enhanced but it helps in converting the traffic to sales, and you may monitor it well through a Google keyword ranking tracker.
Thus, with the help of Google keyword tracker, it becomes easy to know the position of the keywords. This can be done from different sites like RankActive online.

What Google Keyword Tracker Can Do for Your Website

Earlier there were not many options to check Google keyword ranking. Then search engine marketers used to choose the correct keyword for any site based on their experience. There was GoTo’s search term suggestion tool that was a good source for identifying keywords. Now, things have changed and to know the correct keyword and its rank, online tools like Google Adwords and WordTracker, as well as more urban Google keyword tracker tool are available.
For using Google keyword tracker, just plug in some keywords in the web-based services. One can know about the keyword given and also get ideas about other keywords that will be useful for your business. One can also know the usefulness of the keywords and how competitive they will be when you use them. These tracking tools also enable one to know how many people have searched with those keywords for the related products.
While learning about these entire one thing is important to know and that is the difference between Google keyword rank and pagerank.

Difference between PageRank and Google Keyword Rank

Those who are not savvy with SEO consider Google keyword rank and pagerank to be the same. However, in reality, it’s different.
When someone finds any website on Google, they do so for any keyword. The Google keyword ranking report is also useful here. Thus, how successful any site will be on a search engine ranking depends upon the rank of the keyword and other SEO activities done. So, keyword rank is that prime thing that is required while preparing the content for the website.
On the other hand, pagerank does not relate to keywords, it is related to Google search ranking. It is a ranking that is measured by the number of quality backlinks to the site. When any site has backlinks from any high PR pages, they will get the advantage of it. The online PR of the page in consideration will also go up. It may not bring extra traffic but the high PR will enhance the keywords related to the site.

Benefits of a Keyword Tracking Tool

The Google keyword rank checker tool just does what is not possible to be done manually. They give the exactly matched volume of searches related to the keyword. This allows a user to find out the important keywords that are necessary for their website.
Even there are free keyword tool that allow users to schedule emails. Through these emails, they can know about the changes in the ranking of keywords. Users can also attach notes every time they make any changes. This enables them to compare and improve the quality of keywords over time.
To end with, Google keyword position tracker is one of the most important tools for SEO. Thus, when it is done with proper tools the result will surely be desirable.
Now, it’s not possible for any webmaster to keep track on tons of keywords related to their site. Thus, these online keyword tracking tools from sites like RankActive can make the process easier.

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