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Use Google keyword tool UK to get local results

What is location targeting and how it works

Location targeting helps you to show your advertisement in selected geographical location. It is also helps you to determine the habitat area of potential site’s visitors and future clients. Many SEO-optimizers do not attach due importance to the geo-location, but it plays an important role in choosing full and effective keywords while completing a list. With a help of location tags you can target your site’s audience by zip codes, cities, regions, countries, etc. For example, people living in United Kingdom will see your advertisement, will visit your website and do suggested things if it is tied to UK location. Google keyword tool UK in this case should be used taking into account the intentions and desires of the inhabitants of this country.
This way helps you to increase your profits and website views per day. For each project you can select separate locations. Also, you can choose not only one city but a radius around location. Google Adwords UK may also suggest you related location where people’s desire catered with your sites service at the same time offering the right keywords.

Why location targeting is important

Local targets bring much more results to website owners than they think. Here are proofs of this statement:

  • four of the five Internet users choose local searches on search engine, no matter what gadgets they use – PC, tablet or smartphone;
  • 67 percent of smartphone users and seventy two percent of PC and tablet users searching for advertisements and clicking on links customized to their location by country, city or zip code.

Google trends are such that users want to buy things or pick out a service that could be gotten quickly. Many people often don’t want to wait for months or even weeks, they rather prefer to overpay, but get the purchase faster. Based on these trends, local targeting becomes equally as important in promotion as well-completed keyword list.
When your promotion strategy accept well-directed keywords based on where your best customers located, you can increase the number of clicks to your site on external links and finally get a higher ROI.

Google keyword tool and location targeting

Google keyword tool was created for SEO-optimizers, especially for Adwords users. But Google keyword tool will be also very useful for non Adwords users, because it feeds two main purposes: provides keyword ideas, complete keywords fully appropriate to site’s subject and give estimated searching results for keywords. Choosing right keywords connected with location of customers, is a very important stage of realizing SEO-strategy. Knowing how to use Google keyword tool in this case is essential.
As we found out, geographical targeting plays an important role in achieving top positions in search engine for specified area. In that case, we should also choose keywords refer to the most popular searcher’s requests, Google keyword tool will be a good helper. You must remember that you should select them for only one location, not all locations, because with a higher probability your site will only rank high in one version of Google: uk, it, ua, ru.
Except Google keyword tool, like AdWords, you can use RankActive and get comprehensive result doing nothing difficult.
RankActive is a very useful tool for promoting your website. With a help of it you will quickly understand what position in Google search engine your website occupies, you will see what areas you should improve, what kind of SEO-optimization tools you should use to correct internal mistakes and attract new visitors and customers. Start improving your SEO-strategy with RankActive 14-day trial version. Results, obtained through the RankActive will help you to achieve better results in SERP.

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