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Take a look at Google keyword tool 2015

About Google keyword traffic tool

The extremely important and ever more vital of any SEO is keyword research that can’t be interpreted as one of the SEO strategy steps, because in point of fact it is a continuous and repeated action. In other words, such SEO process as keyword research has to be a permanent part of each SEO specialist’s job. Use of such tools like Google keyword traffic tool is a onetime approach to target keyword research that can be risky in case of paying for and depending upon these keywords in order to bring visitors to optimized website. In spite of the above-mentioned tool was in the list of Google keyword tool 2015, it still has not resolved some of its use problems. For example, absence of some guidance on further actions with the target keywords after dumping a list of these keywords or self-contained organization of the following SEO strategy. That’s quite another story with RankActive service whose different keyword tools not only perform their functions excellent but also don’t give any trouble.

The main advantages of Google keyword planner

Using Google keyword planner can help SEO experts build an initial target keyword list for organic search efforts, compose the effective semantic core, as well as expand the subject selected for optimized website. This is the simple SEO tool by means of which to select options of keywords and advertisement group ideas is the very easy process. Later on Google keyword planner will become the convenient tool for an assessment of efficiency of the made keyword lists, for determination of competitive bids, as well as budgets to use with the optimized website or company. The above-said tool is in the list of free Google keyword tool that is one more its advantage.

Google keyword planner: tips for phrase/broad match search traffic

One of the biggest dissatisfactions with such SEO tool as Google keyword planner is the acute lack of phrase and broad match traffic support. In other words, use of this tool can give you return exact match traffic only. Nevertheless there are some tricks to get useful phrase/broad match traffic data back.
As exact match is the main matching type to broad match and phrase match, therefore it is possible to rebuild both of them. Now we are going to speak about three ways to do it.

  1. The first method is more preferable if looking at preliminary target keyword trends and opportunities. It means use of impressions traffic estimate. Here a search query occurs before an advertisement impression, and at the same time it is possible to have numerous impressions of the same advertisement for a single query. The results will change depending on particular day of test running.
  2. The second method means looking at the impressions and impression share report. With this method you will make sure that the daily budget of your company is set high enough, that advertisement scheduling is turned off, as well as location targeting is consecutive with the main keyword research purpose. One-month data collection allows to determine keyword search volume is need.
  3. The third method of rebuilding of broad and phrase match is connected with keyword scraping. Such keyword tool is simple one to deliver enough keyword variations in order to dump in keyword planner, as well as other keyword tool you have chosen. That is more important for this method – you should be careful of duplicate keywords (they will be double counted by Google).

About Google keyword tracker tool

As the main idea of Google keyword tracker tool is to give a possibility of target keyword tracking, therefore using this SEO tool can help you fulfill quality and effective keyword monitoring. Moreover, by means of Google keyword tracker SEO specialists control the frequency of notification messages and choose the necessary type of monitoring parameters. To sum up it should be noted that the best methods of use of this tool is a keyword monitoring, obtaining links to websites of competitors, as well as monitoring of your website references in social media. However not all keyword tracker tools are ready to cope with such tasks as, for example, to define target keywords which advertising is given on, or keywords that work worse, than it was expected. RankActive service is always ready to help you with it.

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