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Google keyword test tool for your website

The importance of keywords for site’s optimization

Today keywords are required and strong tool that helps your website to withstand online competition between businesses, blogs, and informational resources. Professional SEO-optimizers know that primary way users find any website is by searching in a search engine, like Google. If your site’s content doesn’t have right keywords, if it is not built on the basis of well-composed semantic core, it will not rank good. What should you do to avoid this? At first, understand the importance of keywords, the second – use Google keyword test tool for analyzing your site’s current situation in SERP. The importance of keywords is that they “help search engine to decide” whether your videos will be found, your articles read, your website discovered by people searching online for purchasing. Before you start to choose right keywords and phrases, you should learn basic 2 principles for keyword searching: search volume and competition. Search volume displays the number of users searching for specific keywords per day. Competition reflects the number of sites that ranking well for “your keyword”. To find out what keyword is well ranking and the level of competition you can use Google keyword ranking tool free in access or use an opportunities of RankActive tools.
What Google keyword tool does
Using keyword ranking tool can help you to improve your keyword list, make changes in online promotional strategy and assess your competitive position in search results. It is important to understand that using keywords for SEO-optimization it’s not a one-time approach it’s a permanent monitoring campaign. Right keywords increase the chances of your site to be displayed with organic results in SERP. What is the best seo keyword ranking tool that will help you to check site’s search engine position? Of course tool, released by Google.
What exactly Google keyword tool does.

  1. Facilitates the work of SEO-optimizers.
  2. Helps to establish some general target keywords and phrases.
  3. Gives an access to global search data and helps to decide whether to use some specific keyword or it is not worth attention.

  4. Provide a Google keyword ranking report that gives you a useful data for optimizing your website according to popular search requests.

Google keyword tool is a free online registration alternative for others SEO-optimization tools that not always simple in using and often requires downloading heavy keyword ranking tool software.

What should you know about Google AdWords

Online marketers and SEO-optimizers know that Google AdWords is an excellent Google keyword tool that helps to drive traffic to the website. Disorganized and wrong managed online marketing and SEO strategy, as a rule, costs more than it brings. Well built campaign provides desirable position for the website in SERP. Google AdWords helps you to manage your keyword plan and list.
You should know that with Google AdWords:

  1. You can manage several campaigns at the same time (when you have, for example, two promotion campaigns: for product and for content) to optimize work of the whole website.
  2. You can group keywords, add new, and delete not useful for search ranking that have been identified by free Google keyword tracker tool.
  3. You can add keywords to the group or list in one of these ways: broad match, phrase match, exact match.
  4. You can invest any amount of money and pay for using this tool only when searchers have followed a link to your website.

Main advantages of Google AdWords

Google AdWords is a very useful tool that also acts like a Google keyword ranking checker tool and strong application to SEO-optimization of online business.
These are most visible advantages of Google AdWords:

  • showing a whole range of visitors that was noticed your advertisement, and percentage of using your link;
  • all-day access to statistic mode. You always can do monitoring of the effectiveness of your advertisements and analyze a data based on monthly, weekly or day plan;
  • you can manage your advertisements in the way you need: delete, add new, stop campaign to analyze mistakes, restart campaign without paying any fees;
  • you can target your content to searchers living in different continents, countries and cities according to their needs and desires;
  • the ability to adapt advertisements for laptop, tablet and smartphone.

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