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Google, Bing, Yahoo, Yandex, Google Maps, Google Mobile, Google Map Pack

Local rank tracking

Track your rankings from any location: any country, any city, any language.

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All rankings updates automatically every day.

Compare with any date

You can compare rankings of your project with any to dates.

Free ranking updates

You can get your rankings in real-time. Just click Update button.

Keyword tags

Segment your keywords as you wish.

Comprehensive keywords data

Search volume, predicted traffic, CPC, KEI, total results and much more.

SERP history, ads and snippets

RankActive keep SERP snapshot, paid ads and snippet data for every keyword for every day.

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We have all seen websites that are one-of-a-kind. Among thousands, they catch your attention with the design, navigation, and content they provide. Websites that are able to grasp the web user’s attention not only popular, but they also tend to be quite profitable. However, as we all know, creating a good website is not enough to draw attention to it. You must build it in such a way that people are able to find it. The most obvious and common tool of this kind is Google and other search engines. A website’s position in search results in Google is extremely important to its success, which is why you should make every effort to monitor Google SERP (search engine result pages) and modify your site to make sure it reaches the top. For most people, this is easier said than done. Thousands of website owners wonder “What is my website ranking on Google?” and “How do I monitor it?” Many people attempt to use Google keyword ranking tool or even Google keyword trends in an attempt to find this data. However, all their efforts are in vain as these tools are great for working with keywords but cannot help identify website’s ranking. RankActive Rank Tracker, on the other hand, is a powerful SEO tracking tool that will be able to quickly identify your website’s ranking in Google.

The basics of using this SERP rank checker

The rank tracker we provide is relatively easy to use, but you should know about the three basic components of its interface. The control panel is the first and uppermost component of this ranking tool, and it offers basic options pertaining to the regulation of keywords. First of all, you can choose which stretch of time you want to monitor and analyze, be it days, weeks, or months. This is also the section where you can choose your preferred search engine and update the tracker’s results to the most current set. Keep in mind that you can also download a report of current data with this component of the keyword rank checker tool. The second major component in this invaluable instrument is the graph. Data is sometimes hard to understand, but many people have a much easier time when it is presented in graphic form. By looking at the graph, you will be able to check the ranking of various Google keyword positions. The final component of this rank-checking instrument is the table, which includes many additional features, such as sorting by tags, search volume, and dynamics.

Google keyword position checker tool can prove to be very advantageous

If you choose to use Google keyword rank checker online, you will reap some very significant benefits. Firstly, you will not be making a risky investment. We offer a free trial of this product so that you can learn how it works and decide whether you would want to use it in the future. Many customers feel at risk when they buy new products based solely on reviews and description, so we give customers a unique chance to ‘try first, decide later.' Another aspect of this keyword rank checker tool that you should find delightful is the versatility of this software. You will have the opportunity to take advantage of unique and rarely combined functions, view all of your data in an organized and coherent form.

Download this keyword rank checker tool today and notice the difference tomorrow

Whether you are in the UK, US, Asia, Europe, or any other country, your website will thrive when you start using this Google keyword rank checker. Of the many things you can do to boost your website and business, this is one of the easiest and most effective strategies. It does not take hundreds of marketing experts or a miracle-like API to move your website forward in terms of popularity because all it takes is a good Google keyword rank checker. When you use this method, you don’t need to wait weeks or months for it to take effect, as you will have the option of analyzing, improving, and monitoring rankings from the very first day that you use the software. It may seem surprising, but online popularity and success is within the reach of anyone who takes this step and puts their time and energy into working with this SEO tracker.

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