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What is your keywords Google ranking

Google keyword ranking, user’s perspective

Even when we don’t think of it we use keywords. Every time we look for something in Google we type keywords into the search box. And the pages we get probably have been optimized for those keywords and have position from one to ten in Google keyword ranking. Depending on how we use Google our attitude to it changes: it is a friendly assistant when we need some information and a malicious monster when we need to achieve for our keywords high Google ranking. And when we as users look for something in Google and don’t find it, what do we think? There is no such information or maybe we have to look a little deeper in search results (page tree or five). But looking further seems somehow unnatural. It isn’t logical but there is often a feeling as if results not from the first page are less trustworthy or out of date. It is irrational but a user doesn’t have to be reasonable. An average user simply does what he feels like doing. Anyway, being a user and a webmaster it is easier to understand how people look for information, what keywords they use and how important it is to be on the first page in Google ranking.

Choosing keywords for high Google ranking

So, if I run a site I have to know what page is my site on Google. And getting this information I have to make sure that at least for some of my keywords the site is on the first page of search results (and even better if it’s number one). So, choosing the right keyword is crucial. Using short keywords won’t help to get coveted position in Google ranking. For local businesses or small shops it would be useful to fill long tail key terms niche. Such keywords have less competition in Google ranking. Thus you get much more chances of achieving the number one position. And being number one in Google even for a single relevant long tail keyword can improve your ranking and noticeably generate profits. So, after building your content around appropriate keywords you need to check how many of them get high position in Google ranking.

How to rank a website in Google

You need a Google rank checker. It allows you to check keywords ranking in Google and any other search engine. Actually it is possible to explore what page is my site on Google manually but this option is kind of obsolete. Getting unbiased search results isn’t as simple as it seems. Checking your Google keywords ranking manually is free but it’s time consuming. Besides, you get personalized results. It can be circumvented but you have to spend time on it either. There are lots of options on the internet which allow you to check your Google keywords ranking for free and fast. Simple on-line Google keyword tool enables you to find out what place your keywords get in Google ranking. Besides, you can select a country specific version of Google.
Or you can come across free Google rank checker which enables you to track Google keyword ranking of your competitors. Unfortunately, such handy options among free utilities are limited.

Powerful Google rank checker

But if you need comprehensive data you can get it from a paid Google keyword tool taking advantage of its free trial (every decent Google rank checker has one). For example, Ranking module, part of RankActive platform offers its services for free during 14 days. The platform provides options for big companies and for small businesses.
Ranking module allows you to check position of all your keywords in Google, Bing, Yandex and Yahoo ranking. Besides, you can track the dynamics of your keyword, assess whether it went up or down for a selected time period. The Google keyword tool keeps your data limitlessly so you can check your keywords for any period you like. Some information is being collected, some calculated and some you get from Google AdWords such as level of Competition and Cost per Click. Moreover, the data is being collected daily so you can monitor fluctuations as soon as they happen.
Besides, the Google rank checker is mobile friendly. Thus, it is available from every device.

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