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The main advantages of Google keyword rank tracker

Measure the impact of on-page optimization and gauging organic visibility

It’s needless to mention the importance of keywords in Search Engine Optimization. You can find thousands of blogs that talks about the importance of Google keyword rank tracker. Many also express their concerns stating that ‘how can one be sure that keywords bring traffic to their site?’ Leaving all controversies behind, let’s try to amalgamate the different uses of keyword rank tracking solutions.
If you have an e-commerce store, you will always try to look for opportunities that will allow you to rank new keywords and of course, long tail variations of the keywords. For this, it’s necessary to identify the keyword that converts traffic highly. To identify you have to conduct ongoing keyword research and review the paid traffic campaigns.
While doing so, if you find keywords that can convert traffic to any page and is not optimized, you can draft a new page and add Meta descriptions. This will target the keywords that have high opportunities. So, by using a Google keyword rank tracker daily, you can check whether the optimizations are working positively or negatively.
Another way to track the progress of keywords is by grouping them into logical categories. Like while looking for keywords and long tail variations of “girls’ shoes” you can tag them into one group. After tagging, look for search volume that is related to the keyword group from Google keyword planner. You can get an idea about the amount of search activity for that particular group. Then by using your site ranking, you can get an idea about the visibility of the site pages in the search engine results. The more the ranking will progress, the better will be your organic search visibility.

Check when things go wrong and track performance

With Google keyword rank tracker, you can keep an eye on the health of your website. If you use sites like RankActive you can be alerted when you find that there is a drop in ranking for any particular keyword. The ranking drop will also enable you to know which page has a problem. Sometimes it may happen due to accidental removal of any keyword from the title! There can be many other reasons. If keywords are monitored regularly, then a change in it will be a good signal to let you know that there may be some problem. It helps in picking up problems easily, which otherwise will be difficult as there are many keywords. It’s impossible to check them individually without any tool.
Content is the most important way through which SEO is done. This is the main source for organic visibility of pages. Thus, when content is developed it’s important that it contains keywords that are able to bring in good traffic. The higher rank the keywords have, the better will be the drive.
So, by tracking the rank of the keyword with RankActiv you can check whether the keywords are relevant to the content. It’s always a good step to avoid any suspicious free keyword rank tracker as not all of them are efficient enough.

Monitor competitors

To get better rank is just not the only way to succeed in online business. It’s important to track the progress of the competitors. You can track out your competitor’s visibility for the keywords that you are targeting with a good Google keyword position tracker. This will let you know about your competitor’s strategy. Who are actively engaged in marketing activities that can influence rankings? There are many ranking solutions that will let you set a boundary for your competitors. Once your competitors move beyond that boundary you will get alerts.
It’s true that many SEO experts say that keyword tracking is outdated now, but the above-mentioned uses show that it can be used for various purposes. By tracking the keyword ranking with Google keyword rank checker software, you can not just complete SEO but can do much more than that. It is advised that anyone who is serious about the result of search engine search should not ignore the importance of keyword rank tracking and must implement a proper Google keyword position checker to get the best results, and you will see how your site’s SEO becomes as easy as that for you.

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