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How to find Google rank for keyword for free

Importance of keyword research

When you have good Google keyword rank you can expect to have more organic traffic to your site or blog. However, the question that would haunt you and other site owners is that how the search engine keyword ranking can be improved further. This post will try to answer those queries that are related to keywords and their importance in website ranking for keyword.
To get organic traffic to your website, just having proper keywords are not enough, you need to do many more things perfectly. You may use SEO tracker for rank tracking. By following the tips below, you will surely get success and be ranked among the top sites in the SERPs.
Before you check website ranking for keyword, it’s necessary that you understand the importance of choosing the right keyword. Like when you are selling sports shoes, it is obvious that even the big brands also will use the same keyword. So the competition is very high for common keywords.
Thus, it’s important that you choose such keywords too that will resemble your niche but will not be very competitive. For doing research you may choose Google keyword rank tool to find Google rank for specific keyword. You can try to do it yourself, but getting help from experts in this field like RankActive will generate better results.

Blog posts with proper title

Most of the newbie SEO engineers ignore the title of their blog posts. Remember that it will not be possible to maintain the Google keyword rank or at least have a good rank until and unless the title of the posts are proper and have keyword in them. There are few things that you need to check while you decide about the title of each blog post. It should not be too lengthy. Having a title of about 60 characters is good enough. Very long titles do not help in Google keyword ranking and thus should be avoided.
Another thing that is most important for getting good Google keyword rank is a proper description about the blog. A short summary about the blog post will help the rank tracker to get the keyword and rank accordingly. Even a good description will allow your readers to get the required information about what can they expect from the post.
Even the length of the content of each posts and the quality of it too matters a lot while you are working hard to find Google position for keywords.

Image ALT Tags and internal linking

Another reason many bloggers do not get good rank from Google search rank checker as they ignore the importance of ‘ALT tags.’ By using the ALT tags properly, one can help their pages having better ranks for any specific keywords. Many bloggers who misses out the ALT tags also misses out the road to good webpage ranking.
Another important thing that many bloggers miss out while they work hard for SEO keyword tracking is internal linking. With proper internal linking, you just do not have access to better backlinks but also can improve the bounce rate. Thus, by stressing on the internal linking you can get better rankings for different keywords. However, remember that you should not interlink too much old posts. It will hamper the website rank keyword.

Build backlinks

Backlinks are something that goes very well with SEO keyword tracking. The better are the backlinks the better will be the Google keyword rank. For getting more and more quality backlinks, you should encourage guest postings and comments. While you comment, it’s important that you comment on sites that are related to your product or services.
What Google keyword rank checker checks are natural link buildings, thus you must always concentrate on methods that will create natural backlinks. Artificial backlinks may not fetch good results and at the day end your site may be penalized too!

Improve keyword rank with social sharing

While you are using Google keyword tool or trying out various other ways for getting better rank, you must not ignore the importance of social sharing. With more social shares you can get better keyword ranking in Google search engine. Have your presence in different social media like Twitter, Facebook, Google Plus, LinkedIn and others and see the change in your Google keyword rank. You can share your posts and get comments on them. The best thing that you can do is make social media marketing strategies that will not just develop your rank but will also create your brand name. You can take assistance from RankActive tools.

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