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Best google keyword checker external tool

What external tool do you need to get more ranking value?

There is too much information about how to “make money”, how to start business project etc. But in fact, what you really need to do with your website to increase profit and promote your resource? You should start with the simple but irreplaceable steps that improve your ranking results among others. Word-of-mouth and value marketing is considered the most profitable way to increase your business. That means that if your product or service is valuable, people will talk about it with passion. As a result, you get high sales. And after it more people will share about you. And so on. How can they find you? You have to be in TOP positions. If you want to reach that goal, you need Google keyword rank checker tool for website to track your search engine position.

Why do businessmen start to use external tools?

Can you just imagine how many people have access to the Internet? They inject a few words in Google search and get immediately thousands of links with useful information including how to buy some product or to order service. So, in one side you have customers, in other side – your website. How to get closer to each other?
Your task is to increase the traffic of your site for free and overtake your competitors in top positions in the ranking of search engine results pages. How to do that? Google uses more than 200 algorithms to determine relevant websites. Professional SEO experts who increase ranking position of popular internet resource identify the most important ranking tips. There are keywords, correct structure of your website, speed, duration of the spending time on the resource, importance and number of incoming links.
Please, concentrate on first tip. Your content is needed to be well optimized with keywords. Google keyword finder and analyzer help you to get needful data. Then, you have to recognize what exactly keywords do you need. Informational words lead to free links, commercial words lead to paid product, services etc. You have to analyze continuous updating customers requires to be in TOP and always update your content to make more sales. Google keyword tool estimator is one of the most important tips to increase your profit. Are you ready to get good rankings and traffic?

How to choose ranking checker tool?

If you are a starter, have a small company or professional business you need to choose comfort and easily used tool that gives all extensive valuable information. The perfect example is This tool shows keywords’ position in extensive view. You can use the Ranking module for:

  1. Comparing today’s position of keywords and its months ago position.
  2. Tracking snippets and ads of your competitors in TOP 10.
  3. Sorting and filtering all the functional data. It helps you to analyze all information changes.
  4. Exporting the report in Excel and PDF formats to show it your clients.

The Ranking module has Controls, The Graph, the Table. The first element allows you to display and match particular keywords for determined period. You can update all needed data whenever you wish and get the report in certain time of the day. The second element (Graph) shows you TOP keywords and its percentage value. The third element (Table) displays you external data like:

  • All keywords that you use in determined website.
  • Supposed tags to the certain keywords.
  • Volume value column with the popular keywords in certain search engine and selected region. This column has trends for last periods.
  • Difference like increasing or declining of a particular keyword for chosen period.
  • Dynamics column that displays you the date of the loss or increasing position of certain keyword.
  • URL column shows you pertinent website pages that match each keyword.
  • Importing data from Google Adwords to show your competition level in PPC.
  • CPC that is imported from Google Adwords.
  • Assumed traffic that you can get to your website based on search volume and spreading in TOP 10.
  • Total results that respond to each search query.

You have to know if you choose right checker tool you can define not only the macro objectives of your business (like marketing strategy and tactics), but also the micro added possibilities that directly increase ranking traffic. It can be such SERP elements like blogs, images, maps, news, patents, video, shopping, discussion that help you to get better rankings.

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