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Use keyword checker google to get success

Google keyword checker

There is the big buzz about SEO and its magic for websites and building businesses online. No doubt you have already heard much about SEO and site optimization as well as keywords, tags, long tail keywords, etc. You may also have heard about the Google keyword checker and other smart tools to use for your text marketing. In many cases this “magic” remains unexplained and hard to comprehend and not all the site owners know how to practically use Keyword checker Google to attain the best results and show up in the top of Google search. Let’s discuss such complex issues as keyword analysis, keyword tools and make them simple, easy to understand and usable.

What is Google keyword analysis and how to pick your keywords?

Keywords are the words people use to find your web pages and their content. These same keywords are used by Google in Google keyword ranking and by other search engines to pick the pages that match people’s searches. But how do you know what your target clients are looking for and how often they search for particular products, services, ideas, phrases or words?
That is where you can use Google keyword trends and other Google keyword tool for SEO.
There are several criteria used by the tools to help you pick the right keywords. One of them is the number of monthly requests and searches for each keyword. When you enter your keyword, let’s say: “best prices for iPhones”, you get accurate data. They show you the number of searches done by people over the previous month using this exact keyword.
Plus, you get other possible related keywords to use in your texts. So, you can pick several of them or replace the chosen one with the one that fits better into your topic. Another crucial criterion is the level of competition. Keyword tool Google Adwords tool shows you how much advertising is done on that keyword and basically how expensive it would be to include the word into your ad campaign.
Another important thing is a keyword density, checked by the keyword density checker. It tells you how often you use the keywords in your texts. If you use them just once or twice it is not good for the SEO purposes, but if you use too many times, search engines may ban your pages as spam.

Top keyword checker online tools to use in your SEO

- Keyword tool Google Adwords Planner
This is a free keyword tool provided by Google. All you need to register with it is to have a Gmail account. You can set your country, language and pick other settings to make the most out of it. It shows the number of monthly searches for keywords, helps to find other similar and long tail keywords, indicates the level of competition and suggests your ad bid for the keyword. Plus, it allows you to download keywords in spreadsheets and study them. Google keyword tool external Adwords makes it easier to put together your ad campaign and optimize your webpages.
- Niche tools
These tools focus on some particular area of SEO and keyword. They may help you find your niche (with the lowest level of competition) on the market or to group your keywords into an effective ad campaign. Some tools show you the typos most commonly made in keywords by people, so you can get more traffic from them.
- RankActive
This tool provides a comprehensive and complete list of SEO and keyword services, as it is based on keyword tool Google external search results and information. We will discuss its features below.

Benefits and features of RankActive for SEO

One of the best features of this tool is that it allows you to analyze and sort keyword data you get. You can pick a particular search engine (Google or other) and you can set the dates and indicate the period of time you need the info for. Plus, you can easily update the information and get the freshest ratings and positions for the keywords you use using Google keyword checker external tool.
You can also download the spreadsheets with keywords and stats on them to your PC from out tool, just like you do with the Google keyword test tool. Or view the info arranged in graphs and tables. All the data is gotten from Google and it is highly reliable. You get the keywords, their cost per click for ad purposes, level of competition, number of monthly searches per word (keyword popularity), estimation of the traffic value as well as some other key criteria you can use to put together the most efficient collection of keywords for online promotions, optimization and article marketing.
As you can see, knowing the options you have enables you to do your own SEO research and optimization of your web pages at an affordable cost.

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