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Any Search Engine

Google, Bing, Yahoo, Yandex, Google Maps, Google Mobile, Google Map Pack

Local rank tracking

Track your rankings from any location: any country, any city, any language.

Daily rank tracking

All rankings updates automatically every day.

Compare with any date

You can compare rankings of your project with any to dates.

Free ranking updates

You can get your rankings in real-time. Just click Update button.

Keyword tags

Segment your keywords as you wish.

Comprehensive keywords data

Search volume, predicted traffic, CPC, KEI, total results and much more.

SERP history, ads and snippets

RankActive keep SERP snapshot, paid ads and snippet data for every keyword for every day.

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The siplest way to determine Google ranking

It’s all about typed words

Before you decided to run your site, you had already known how to choose right category for your products, how to fill it with the useful content, and the main thing – how your future customers can find you. Sooner or later you face with a choice of the keywords. This index is one of the most important factors that can turn the customers’ search to efficient, valuable activities for you. You can choose yourself – break or improve your web resource. You definitely need to explore the keyword’s market which is closely related to needs and desires of your customers. So if you learn how to determine Google ranking efficient keywords which means to meet clients’ needs as much as possible, then you will get the profit.
At the beginning of your marketing strategy you should understand that you don’t need always to get all categories of visitors. Your requirement is to get right type of customers who are able to buy your products. You will get enormous benefits from such tactic. If you can learn the trends of right keywords, you will predict changes in customers’ demand, react to any changes on your market in flexible way, and also produce the products, services or information that the search engines are actively searched for.
Internet, especially Google and other popular search engines has opened a great opportunity to small business entrepreneurs. They can research customers even before opening own online or physical store, restaurant, etc. Smart preparation with the check Google ranking tools will pay off in the near future.

How you can get what keywords are more valuable

You need to ask yourself – how helpful the used keywords are for your website. What phrases or combinations of words are more valuable and commercial? Where do I rank in Google for now? You can determine Google search ranking usefulness with a few simple steps:

  1. Does particular words relevant to your content? Can your client find needed product or service using concrete keywords? Will they be satisfied with the results? Will you get the financial payments from your clients after they find you? If all answers are “yes”, then go to the next step.
  2. If you are a starter, you can analyze your rivals by searching your keywords in different search engines. Some of them have already ranked for your phrases, others use paid ads. It means that chosen keyword is valuable. It can bring financial results, but you hardly break the TOP positions in organic search. But it doesn’t mean you cannot try.
  3. You can use AdWords or Bing campaign to get more traffic to your resource. Pay per Click ads allows to analyze what keywords can convert into money results.
  4. Trials and errors can give you real results. SEO strategy is the result of more than one day or month search for the desired information. This process includes analyzing, screening, testing, comparison, construction schedules on demand and others. Google SEO ranking tool is the best helper in it!

A little about keyword demand

The demand curve depends not only on the selected words in the content, but also on the order of their parting, or other words the dilution etc. It looks very clear: if the using keyword consists of 1 word, its number of requests per day is over a million and it will hardly bring money to you. If the phrase is composed of several keywords, it is ready to compete with competitors successfully, because it leads visitors faster to the desired product and your site.
For example: what you can get from “red dress” result? You’ll see the thousands of articles with information which include information about how to wear, what to combine it with, how to choose shoes for this dress and you will see paid ads, also. In other side, some people who want right now to spend their money can type “red dress silk 10 size low price”. And such long tail keywords bring more traffic.

Smart tool for keyword research

Of course, you can use free variants like Google planner and other alternatives. Such tool suggests you a huge choice of popular keywords with trends and volumes, but for sure you need to buy their campaign to analyze what exact keywords bring you traffic or sales. You must be prepared to enormous investments to get needed results. Do you go for it?
Or you can get simpler, efficient way with professional ranking tool like RankActive. If you choose it, you will not wake up at night with a question “Where is my website on Google”. This perfect and comfort tool is a great analyzer. RankActive has own project management, brand tracking, extensive ranking module. Also, this tool has integrated information from Google AdWords and Google Analytics (you have to be connected with the last one). Sophisticated and intelligent tool offers you to track the competitors to analyze their TOP position in the overall ranking. Agree, with such helper it’s much easier to reach the TOP positions even if you have small business.

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