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Ways to check your Google rankings accurately

Character of your potential customers

Why is it necessary to check Google ranking position? Just to achieve the top most position in any search result or something more than that? This is quite obvious that anyone would check search engine ranking to ensure that they are visible online. Until and unless you are visible to your customers they cannot reach you online. This is true that after you create a brand name, you get assured that your customer will search online with the brand name and thus it will be easier for them to reach you!
However, all this is possible only after you have created a brand name! Before that, you need to ensure that you choose such keywords that will enable your customer to get you among the top rankings of the Google search results. Apart from that, it is necessary for you to check Google ranking position continuously as Google algorithm is changed frequently. Unless you follow the rules, you cannot get ensured that you are among the best few. Thus, it’s necessary that you check your Google ranking for a keyword and take necessary steps if required.
Thus, when you are aiming to achieve the best position in SERPs, it’s just not enough to check Google position for the keyword. There are few factors that should not be ignored in order to ensure that you keep on getting high traffic to your website.
Before you think to “check Google ranking of my website,” it’s important that you perceive what potential customers are like. To which age group do they belong to and what information do they expect to get from your website when they visit your site. For getting a good position in Google page ranking, it’s just not enough to ensure that you have chosen the keyword properly or check Google position for keyword. It’s about the content too. You need to make the content of your website useful so that your viewers will return to you. This is not possible until and unless they are sure that you are providing them with relevant information, something that they are looking for.
You should try to brand your domain name and the hosting should also be best. When you take care of these minorities and ensure that the quality of the content is good, you can be sure enough to get good position online.

Quality of backlinks also matters

While you check site Google position you should not ignore the backlinks too. The better are the backlinks the better will be your position to get top rank in Google search. Backlinks are those links to your site that are linked to another site. When you have a good webpage with relevant information, it is quite obvious that the number of visitors will be more. It is then you can find that other sites that have good ranking are linking their pages with you. All these matters most for Google position finder. To know and get quality backlinks you can take assistance from such service providers like RankActive, whose expertise will help you in achieving what you need as online marketers.

Content is king

As already mentioned the content of your site is the most important for getting a good position in Google page rank. The content should be unique and full of information. No one likes to read the same information that they have read somewhere else. It should be free of mistakes and must be fresh, not copied from other sites.
You may be thinking that how is content important to check Google ranking position. It’s important because when the content is not relevant, Google will not find the site useful and it will not give good ranking to your page. Thus, ensure that you have error free content that is relevant and full of information for the customers.

Localization and personalization matters

Apart from the various factors mentioned above Google position tracker will also decide about your website rank based on the location where the search is initiated. It’s important that when any in Chicago, search for “accountants,” they will get results of that accountant who are located in that area and not somewhere else like Carolina! Google even gives a result based on the personalization that it has gathered from previous searches of the user. Thus, you need an expert like RankActive who will deal with all this easily and guide you to get good position when you check Google page position.

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