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How to check your google ranking for a keyword

Everything You Should Know About Google Ranking for a Keyword

Online visibility has become such an important factor these days. Companies rise or fall depending on their visibility on the search engine results when the customer searches for products sold by the company with a keyword. First page rankings have become as important as occupying the first store of a shopping mall. You should check your Google ranking for a keyword regularly to ensure that your business website gets enough traffic from Google seamlessly.

Why is Google ranking so important

The volume of business depends a lot on the volume of traffic that gets routed through Google search. About 32.5% of the overall traffic of Google gets routed to the website which has the first position in the SERPs.
The website at the second position gets a traffic just half of what number one gets. With every position down, the traffic share decreases drastically and the website which has a 10th position on the first page gets meager 2.4% of traffic from Google. Search engine results on page 2 onwards gets a traffic of not more than 1% which is certainly not going to add to the conversion to sale ratios. It is hence very important to check search engine ranking so that necessary tweaking of the keywords can be done.

Role of keyword

Whenever a user searches for a product online, he punches in some keyword in the search engine. The search ranking of a web page is a product of the relevance of a website corresponding to the search text and the page ranking of the web site. The relevance of the website
is measured by the number of occurrences of the keywords or words close to them in the title, or body of the text of the home page.
So, to get best results in a Google search, it is very important to check page ranking for a particular set of keywords by means of a Google rank checker like RankActive. If the ranking does not come up very well for a keyword, you know that you will have to alter the content to place the keywords in a more strategic manner. You may also need to look at the popularity of a keyword and consider changing the keyword itself. End of the day, high traffic from Google is what your aim is.
Importance of checking ranking for a keyword

Why should you check your Google ranking for a keyword

Well, the answer is very simple. You want to check Google rating for a keyword because you want to get to that top place in the SERPs. So, by knowing your ranking in Google, you would get a fair idea on where you stand and how much effort is required to push up to the first spot. It also lets to test a variety of SEO techniques to understand which one is working for your website. By knowing the right technique of SEO, you can do away with the rest of the techniques.
By checking the Google ranking for a keyword regularly you would be able to understand if Google has tweaked its algorithm in a way that could lead to traffic being diverted away from your website on the same set of keywords. You can optimize your keywords accordingly before much damage is caused due to the algorithm change by Google.

How to check the Google ranking

One way to check your Google ranking for a keyword is by manually putting in every keyword and search for the position of your website. Who has got the time to do that! Instead, you can take help from rank checker online tools like RankActive which are very user-friendly and gives you the ranking results in seconds. A SEO ranking checker scans through the results of the search engine for the phrase or keyword that is being given by the user. The location of the website in the never ending list of all relevant websites is being determined and is thrown back by the rank checking tool. In a way, rank checking is the key behind the success of any business. A place at the top of the SERP means higher traffic, which means better sales and higher profits.

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