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Check your google keyword ranking in SERPs

You have to know your Google search ranking

Google search rank checker is a definitely useful tool. It enables you to explore Google position of your site.
Google keeps repeating that webmasters should stop bothering about site’s position and focus on the content because only quality content can lead site to a high ranking. Certainly it is a sensible piece of advice. But really would anyone say “What a relief! Now that I know the secret sauce quit using my Google search ranking checker and concentrate only on my content”? Hardly anyone will do it. Unlikely anyone believes that the search engine will appreciate the effort and bestow upon the site top 10 Google position. Probably whatever Google say webmasters will continue using Google keyword traffic estimator. And it is understandable. The search engine improves its algorithm all the time and Google keyword ranking report tool is essential to know if you are keeping up or not. No matter how good your content is there are too many factors which can pull you down in Google search ranking. For example any brilliant site which is not mobile-friendly is doomed to be lost somewhere down in search results. So it is useful to check your Google keyword ranking to discover where you currently are and keep moving.

What causes difference in results when you check your Google keyword ranking

When you check your Google keyword ranking make sure you’ve removed factors which can blur your results. For example to remove personalized search results (when pages which you have visited rank for you higher than they really do for random users) clear cache and turn off search history personalization.
Location settings also alter Google position of a particular site. The difference is the most prominent when you are searching for a particular geographically targeted result. The country-specific search engine influences your results as well tending to display the most relevant data. Even if you don’t use any special tools you are being auto-detected according to your IP addres. To remove local search results change browser settings or switch to another search engine.
Google data centers cause variations in search results. Sometimes one data center uses the old algorithm while the other already operates on the new one.
The same goes with algorithm testing. Up to 40% of all Google searches are testing one or another algorithm. In case of data centers and algorithms testing you just have to wait. In a few hours or days the search results will settle down.

Check your Google position with Ranking module

Ranking module is a part of RankActive platform which provides comprehensive data about site’s Google search ranking. At the page you can see information about your keywords for a particular time period being organized at large and in detail. At the top you can see a graph displaying total amount of your keywords for a specific day at top 100 and top 10 (you may also switch on top 5 and top 3 options). It enables you to monitor dynamics of keywords position in bulk.
Google search rank checker presents detailed data of every keyword at the bottom of the page. It is organized in a table. The tab is handy because you can add to it new parameters (columns) and conceal unwanted ones. The range of parameters available to be checked is wide. You can monitor difference between current keyword’s position and previous position so you can estimate if the word has gone up or down.
Also the table displays estimated traffic that brings out each keyword, cost per click, SERP elements and many other parameters. What is really helpful is that you can filter each of them.

What else can Google search ranking checker do

The tab you have composed can be downloaded in Excel file. If you prefer getting access to the data in real time in any place you can enjoy mobile version of this Google keyword traffic estimator.
if you want to check your Google keyword ranking in another country you can find it out without leaving this page. To do it you just have to swich from to or another country-specific version of Google. Upon doing this all the data changes and you can see coveted results.
No matter what version of Google you choose the tab will update at 00:00 according to your local time. Your time zone also can be changed in profile settings.
Thus Ranking module contains everything you may need to check your Google keyword ranking .

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