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Find a website position in Google search results

About the importance of checking site’s position

Nearly 10 years ago was not very hard to bring a specific website in Google’s TOP search engine results pages. Low competition, lack of professional SEO-optimizers, lack of knowledge on optimization techniques allowed sites that were optimized by competent SEO-professionals occupy a higher position in Google search results. Today, to be on top you “should play with Google some kind of game” and you will win if your website is unique, quality optimized, has useful content, has authority in rankings and provides good usability. To not act blindly, it is necessary to do next steps: check position in Google, define main competitors, and provide continuously monitoring on position of your site in Google's search results. You may wonder “Why my site position in Google is so important?” And you will get a simple answer: because the higher your currents position in SERP the more likely you receive visitors, which will become buyers of your goods and will bring a profit (for online-business). And if you have a blog, you will get more and more followers. The importance of checking site’s position is to be always informed where you are, who your competitors are, how close they are, to improve strategy for fixing your ranking position.

Main factors of ranking

Today Google uses nearly 200 factors of sites ranking. Not all of these factors have equal importance. Some of them may be treated like “must haves” others – missed out of attention.
When you decided to start doing SEO tracking and find out a Google rank position of you site, at first, remember that you should do this regularly, second – you should know factors of ranking your site that will help you to check Google search rank at a certain time.
Factors of ranking are divided into several types:

  • on-page;
  • site;
  • off-page;
  • domain.

On-page factors of optimization have strong effect on sites search visibility. They are: keywords in title, in description, H1 tag, in content on the page, in URL, also outbound and internal links. These factors are very important if you want to check your site’s Google position by keywords.
Site factors also increases the visibility of a website in search results. They are: sitemap, server location, optimization to gadgets and applying a Google page position tool, Google SERP checker, Google Webmaster tools. Using these tools you will be provided with valuable data to optimize your site.
Off-page factors are: pagerank of linking pages, contextual links, link anchor, etc.
Finally, domain factors particularly include domain history and domain registration length.

The way of checking website’s position in SERP

Optimizers use some tools to specialize and optimize a website, to improve its position in search results, to make it visible for “Google searching machine” But also they use the other kind of tools that we can conditionally call "checking tools". They were invented to provide systematic checking the position of the site in the SERP, for the assessment of current situation and making decisions of what changes are needed for site.
The way to find site’s position in Google search results is simple - use specific online tools to check website position in Google online. To get instant result you should enter your domain and specific keywords. Than press “start” or “get my position” (this statement may differ in every Google search position finder). After some seconds your result will be displayed. Using such online tools is an easiest way to check position of your website in “Google map of search engine result pages”.

Brief overview of main steps of optimization

SEO-tracking and online checking of site’s position are “must have” steps for being aware of its competitiveness in SERP. These steps are displaying the result of great amount of work done by SEO-optimizers. Let’s look at main steps that optimizers must do obligatory.

  1. Build basics SEO plan.
  2. Plan site’s usability.
  3. Build digital footprints (providing partnership and social blogging, outreaching a wide range of online audience, creation organic connection with people, etc.).
  4. To adapt website for PC, tablet and smartphone.
  5. Conduct right keywords and queries that fully display needs, wants and intentions of searchers, try to understand user’s main goals via keywords.
  6. Write a useful content that will satisfy user’s intentions. Trying not to write too much and accept only unique content.
  7. Always tagging sites content. Google may list articles with tag from “oldies” but try to use not only Meta tags. Today social tags and Open Graph are more effective than others.
  8. Consider of schema markup. Schema markup allows search engines to better identify the structure of site’s data.
  9. Do the optimization but avoid overdoing.
  10. Create strong online brand that will be pleased by Google at all.

Finally, let’s sum, these steps are needed “to be well optimized”. To find out what position your site occupies in SERP use rank checker tools provided by RankActive.

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