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Local results for check Google ranking UK

Don’t neglect local SERP results

It is well-known Google loves to give personalized and localized results. And certainly users appreciate it too. But for SEO industry these options are sort of pain in the back. Because when I check what Google page is my website on I may get results which differ with the results of my customers and clients due to personalized SERP.
Yet there is nothing you can do with personalized result of your potential clients. But you can optimize your site for local search. Don’t underestimate local search results especially if you run comparatively small business which aims at clients determined by certain localization. So if you want to check page ranking don’t settle on global ranking results. If your targeted users live in Great Britain make sure you check Google ranking UK. Otherwise you may waste your time in efforts to improve rating in general which won’t bring you any traffic. On the other hand checking (and improving) local results can be much more profitable.
So in case you intend to check Google ranking in UK you need a tool which can check page ranking in particular countries; and the more specific data it can provide the better. Thus if you wonder “how to know my website Google rank” make sure you use a rank checker in which you can choose country - specific version of Google or desired search engine. On the other hand, if you are going to check Google ranking in UK manually make sure you switch search engine from to Though it doesn’t seem productive to check page ranking by hand, it’s too time-consuming.

Get country-specific results with Google ranking checker UK

A handy tool which can check for you Google ranking in UK or any other country is Ranking module of RankActive. Its settings allow you to specify what location you want to check. Thus you can select a search engine. Number of search engines available to check page ranking are determined by your tariff plan. No matter which one you choose you get access to at least five search engines one of which is set by default.
Also you can choose a country. If you select United Kingdom the language of SERP will automatically switch to English. But depending on the country you choose, Ranking module provides 123 languages. Also to get more specific results you can add location by selecting a region and even a city if you need. Worth noting not all search engines support location. But if you need to check Google position of your website in UK you can narrow search field to London.

Convenient options to check page ranking

The service check page ranking daily but you can collect data any time you want pressing “Update Rankings” button. And certainly you can download ranking results to your computer.
Also when you select keywords for the project you can not only insert those you have come up with, but also check if you have missed any. “Pick out keywords” service integrated in Ranking module may come handy and suggest some keywords you have overlooked. Besides, all keywords can be grouped according to their meaning. For example, if you check Google ranking in UK you assign a tag “sights” to such keywords as “London Eye”, “Westminster abbey”, “Stonehenge”. Grouping your keywords according to tags you can easily compare which ones are stronger and which are weaker.
Granular data of your keywords is displayed in a table. The table is very flexible. You can add columns to it from “Column Chooser” or hide if you don’t need a particular parameter currently. Moreover, each column can be filtered in various ways.

Everything you want to know when you check keywords’ position in Google ranking UK

So using the table you get access to search volume of each keyword, its position at the beginning and ending of selected time period, difference in position between these two dates. Also you don’t have to visit AdWords because Ranking module did it for you. Cost pre click (CPC) and competition in PPC are displayed in the same name columns. Besides you can check search trend, URLs relevant to each keyword, estimated traffic value and much more.
The graph above the table allows you to check keyword position in Google ranking UK (or any other selected search engine) at large.

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