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Diagnosing a Google Ranking Drop

One fine morning, after you check your Google rankings you found a drop in it! This is something that any website publisher, including you dreads the most! You have given enough efforts to get desirable rank in SERPs and now when you experience a drop there you feel like all your efforts were in vain! When your site does not have ranking, people will not be able to find you easily and that means that you will suffer in sales and many other things. Thus, in such situation what should you do? Obviously first diagnose the cause of such drop and take action.
When you check site rank and found that there is a drop in the rank, you need to first figure out the reason behind such drop. Once you can know the reason it will be easier for you to fix the problem and get back to your desired position again. However, you must remember that every website is unique and so are the causes of failure of any one of them. So, you need to judge things cautiously. A professional will be a great help in such situation.
First determine the type of drop your site has faced. Whether it is single keyword drop or drop in whole site rank? Your SEO tool will be able to let you know the answer after you check your Google ranking for a keyword. If you find that there is a drop for a particular keyword that is changed by a new buzzword or anything else, you can change the keyword and you regain your position. You can use various tools for checking reason behind keyword drop. Another thing that may happen is drop in the whole site rank. It can happen due to change in Google algorithms.

Understand the mechanism behind Google ranking

If you understand the various factors that affect the ranking of any site, you can also fulfill your wish of “check Google ranking of my website.”
Various factors like the content of your website, the use of keyword in the title, the frequency of keyword, backlinks, and social media presence affect the ranking of your website. Another thing that is most important for keeping the ranking stable is Google search algorithms. It is updated regularly so that it can keep pace with the evolution going on in the internet world. They are done mainly to improve user experience and at the same time stop black hat SEO efforts. There were updates like Mobilegeddon, Panda, and Pigeon etc. Each of them are aimed at varied targets. Like “Panda” mainly addressed the issues related to low-quality content. There will be a drop in site ranking when the quality of the content is not of high quality.

Fixing and Improving Google rankings

For making sure that you get stable Google ranking, it’s necessary to follow white hat SEO. While you check Google ranking for keyword it’s necessary that you do the following to repair the damage done to your website.
First, you need to find whether there are any issues with the backlinks that are coming to your site from other sites. Google consider them as your status online, like they show your quality, popularity, and authority. Thus, if any of these backlinks breaks your site will be affected and you need to correct them fast.
Another thing that Google considers is the freshness of the content. It is considered that the relevance of a website with stale content is not more. Thus, if you have not updated your site for long, it's time you update the blogs and other content. Also, avoid duplicate content as it too will hamper the quality of your webpage and thus the ranking may suffer.
Finally, always follow white hat SEO practices. With black hat SEO practices, you can get results fast, but they will drop faster too!
Thus, next time when you check your Google rankings, do not get perplexed as it has dropped. Take quick action and you can regain the lost position.

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