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Make check Google ranking of website highly accurate

Hidden risks of rankings checking

When your aim is to check Google ranking of website, the solution of how to do it and the results you would get might be not so obvious as they seem. One thing, every person doing search engines optimization should remember, is that Google personalize every search result we get. So, there is an insignificant probability that any two people can see the same search results for exactly identical request. The same thing happens when you try to check Google ranking for keyword, and don’t take into consideration that all Google users have their search results personalized too.
Meanwhile, the influence of personalization is growing as Google develops new algorithms and search traffic to your website increases. Understanding and skills of using these search features can help us to improve website’s SERP ranking.

How personalized search works

While preparing search results for you, Google considers about two hundred factors which impact on actual results you see. No one can tell exactly all the components of that mechanism, but some factors for personalization are known. It uses information about past period (180 days, according to Google blog) of your activity in the web: search requests, links being clicked. cookies your browser keeps and so on. And impact of users behaviour on personalized search ranking becomes stronger lately.
It is important for a SEO specialist to remember about custom search results and to check search engine ranking in a proper way. Many people when doing search engine optimization, ignore inevitable perversion of SERP and don’t do anything to escape this misleading practice.

Check Google ranking of website accurately

It’s possible to get more unbiased results of keywords and websites ranking just using some simple but effective methods. The first is - get to use to make sure being signed out of your Google account before starting web search. If you use Google Documents at the same time, you would stay logged in. As a variant, you can use private or incognito windows in your browser. This would give you no need of signing out.
As a second rule one can advise to change your location to the country you check Google ranking for. If you promote a local company, which does its business for example, in Los Angeles, change the location to more exact one, as it actually is your target market.
Third is not to forget to start every new search in brand new window. It works not only with Google: when you check Yahoo ranking, cookies can impact on what you see at the results pages, also. So, search engine remembers your previous searches until you close incognito window and open new for next keyword or region.
And last but not least advise is to make every search while checking rankings under the same conditions. It means that every time web browser, location and other settings of Google search should be the same. Beside closing and opening browser window one can simply clear cookies in your browser. The main thing is not to forget to do it after every finished checking.

Other ways of improving ranking checking

All above concerns to cases when you own website or do SEO for one or two small web projects. But with increasing of keywords quantity on a big project or if you are search engine optimization specialist, it turns to be inconvenient to make every check manually.
For that purpose there are a lot of free and paid tools which offer rankings analyzing services. Free tools usually not very comfortable for professional SEO experts or they have limited functionality. Good decision is to use paid tools like RankActive or some of that kind. These tools don’t just check Google ranking of website, but do it for many websites and provide powerful functionality of making analytics and pick statistic information. There is no free tool which can do multiple checkings in very short time under certain conditions, organizing reports visually and on time and giving you a possibility of working with all your customers using one account.
As seen above, there definitely are methods to check keywords rankings properly. And choice of a method depends on your purposes and on amount of keywords you have to check. It would be unwise to use free tools for corporate tasks and, using these advices one can do SEO accurately for free.

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