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Possibility to Check Google ranking in other countries

The importance of keywords

Doing SEO for your site and still not getting the desired results? Well, the reason is that you are not putting in the right effort in the right place. Did anyone tell you about keyword specific Google ranking? Has anyone told you to check Google ranking based on keywords? Wondering how to check Google ranking of my website? If your SEO partner didn’t tell you about it, and yet gave you the feel that they are doing SEO for your website with lots of effort, then now is the time to change your SEO partner. The reason is that, the actual optimization happens when keywords are pushed by the optimizer.
The importance of keywords is immense. The whole searching system is based on keywords, and you can check Google ranking for keyword. When you have chosen the right keyword for your website’s optimization and marketing, then you are half done about the optimization. The placement of keywords in a site is as important as getting those keywords optimized with the link of your site, and that is what links your site’s URL with those keywords, and helps in building more and more backlinks as you keep on spreading the links on the web. This is what the optimizers do so that when a user searches in search engine with that keyword, then the engine pulls in your site which is some way connected to that keyword because of the right optimization techniques used. When you check Google ranking based on keywords in Google and watch the site’s position or by trying sites like RankActive then, you get a nice idea of where exactly the site is positioned on the Google search against that particular keyword.

How to rank your site based on keywords

Before you check Google ranking of my website or check Yahoo ranking it’s important you know about them. When you are trying to rank your site based on a set of keywords, you will have to link the site’s page’s URL with the desired keyword, and do plenty of link building for that. There are various ways of building links, and you must use them all, but in an organic way, and keep on creating backlinks every day and month on month, so that the message goes to the search engines that this particular keyword is associated with this particular page or site, and so that they return your website as the result when the keyword is being searched for during search engine ranking. You can then keep a periodic check Google rating. Moreover, this also helps you in analyzing:

  • How much more effort you should be giving in for the SEO for that keyword;
  • Whether your SEO techniques are doing any good, fetching any good results, or you need to think different;
  • If you need professional help for SEO;
  • The number of competitors you have over you. This will help you decide your next step in doing SEO for that and the other keywords as well.

There are mainly two ways to check the Google ranking in other countries as well as your own. One is the manual way, and another is the automated way. The primitive way or the manual way is pretty straight and simple:

  • You type in the keyword in Google search bar.
  • When you get the search results, then keep on checking that your website is positioned on which page. Every page contains 10 results by default, and therefore you simply have to count the results from the top in the ascending order.

Downsides of manual searching

Now there are a few downsides of manual search which makes application or software based searches more feasible and logical to find Google ranking for keyword. The downsides are:

  • It’s not possible to search for the ranking for all the keywords of a site, as including primary, secondary and tertiary keywords, there would be too many keywords, and searching for each keyword is quite time consuming.
  • The ranking of a site based on a keyword may change in 2 hours, and this can only be tracked frequently, when you are using an app or software.
  • Checking Google ranking in different countries adds even more headache.
    That is why the better option is to choose resources like RankActive which can help you track and get automated data reports on the scheduled intervals as you set them.

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