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How to check page Google rank by keyword

A Note on Google Position of a Website and Ways to Check it

Over the last few years, websites have been the major source of getting customers for a business. The more visible a website is on a search results pages, the better traffic it gets and better business it does. It is hence very important for websites to get a suitable Google ranking. To accomplish this important objective, one can check Google position website to understand the current rankings of a website and do necessary SEO to get it up on the list.

What factors influence Google Ranking

There are several factors that usually determine the Google ranking of a webpage. For instance, the number of quality backlinks has a huge influence on how your page gets ranked on Google SERP. Similarly, keywords used on a webpage too have a significant bearing on your website rank. You will need to use effective Google SERP rank checker tools to determine the performance of the list of keywords for which you have optimized your website.
The use of keywords influences Google ranking directly as well as indirectly. For instance, the backlinks pointing to a website is also dependent on the keywords as any content that you submit on various blogs and website are optimized for keywords too. Thus, you will need to keep checking the performance of the keywords. Checking the website rank on search engines like Google or Yahoo! can be done by using online ranking checker tools. These tools can provide significant insights on the performance of chosen keywords and help you to make run-time change in your SEO strategy.

Benefits of a good rank on Google

Around 93% decisions to buy a product are taken after an online visit. It is hence very important that a particular website gets maximum visitors. To achieve this, it is required that the website is displayed on the first page of a search result. As per statistical records, even finding a place in the first page will not get the website anything more than 2% of the whole traffic. To get a better share of the traffic, it has to be the top three places on a SERP or Search Engine results pages.
Another benefit of a higher ranking is better indexing by Google or other search engines. Users tend to leave comments on those web pages which have a higher ranking as that lets them create links pointing back to their website. This way the website gets more traffic and becomes more interactive.

How to check Google position of a website

To ensure that you have a good Google ranking report, you should make use of check Google position website that will tell you the position of your website for a keyword or a set of keywords. There are many free Google position checker available on the internet which provides a simple way to check your position on Google. All you have to do is provide the domain name or the URL of the website, the keyword or set of keywords, and the regional domain of Google. At the click of the mouse, you would get to know the position of your website which will act as in input towards strategizing your SEO activities of the future.
While you check website position in Google search, you need to keep an eye on those position checkers that uses first few pages or first 100 or 200 entries of any search engine result. These checkers would not give you an accurate position of your website. Most of them would come up with a ‘no match found’ message which could be really disappointing after all the SEO efforts that you have done on the website.
You should also check Google ranking for website at regular intervals. Google is smart enough to tweak its algorithm from time to time to avoid malpractices regarding adding fake backlinks. Such tweaks could alter the Google position of your website. If you do not keep a tab on this regularly, you would not even come to know when your website would lose its top position along with the traffic. You would certainly not want to wake up one day to find that you are losing business just because your traffic has been diverted to some your competitor.

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