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Segment your keywords as you wish.

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Search volume, predicted traffic, CPC, KEI, total results and much more.

SERP history, ads and snippets

RankActive keep SERP snapshot, paid ads and snippet data for every keyword for every day.

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High rankings by check google position search

Why Google position of your page is so important

You know that businessman is the one who combines the ability to create innovative product, sell it and get the customer to come back again. If you handle the first task then it is time to think about the second and the third one. How to increase your sales and find new customers? Your site needs to be on TOP Google results. Promotion is the irreplaceable step that helps to get necessary result of check Google position search. Some experts think that the best marketing is word-of-mouth because such advertising inspired with trust and sincere conditions. Is it true?

How to start a business with the Internet

Yeah, word-of-mouth marketing is working but we are living in other time now. However, in era of internet marketing this way is not the right one. Here are 3 questions that help you to understand this:

  1. Whom you ask when looking for a certain product/service? (Correct answer – Google. There are not always in your sphere people who understand all you need).
  2. What source do you trust more – on TOP position or on the second, third pages of Google search?
  3. When you enter certain words in a search, you can always find what you need, don’t you? Right keywords in your meta data and content is right way to pass check website google position successfully.

You would start your business Internet like a customer who wants and deserves the best. If you would think in that way, you’ll understand what characteristics of your product will be the right one, what keywords in Google search will be the right one and etc. How can you increase the traffic of your site and pass your main rivals?
Google search engine uses more than 200 mathematical algorithms that help to determine relevant and important pages. Professional SEO specialists define important tips that help you to increase chances on high results of check google page position. These tips are optimized keywords, speed and correct structure of your site, high quality of incoming links, right domain name, site map. You can increase your pagerank with links from social networks, celebrities or authoritative people’s blogs, but this number is unclear and it depends on daily number of visitors.
Concentrate on the first one. You have to use right keywords not only in your content but also in filenames, folders, page titles, navigation, meta description, links. Such index like density of keywords has to be “natural”. You can’t often use keywords to trick the search engine because your site can be banned. The last question – how to choose correct keywords is not very simple. Do you want to know more about it?

The right tool for the good ranking position

It doesn’t matter if you have small company, starting project with creative ideas or professional corporation. In all ways, you have to choose right, powerful and comprehensive tool. Comfortable and simple access to information is also one of the main characteristic of the tool. Extensive valuable table is shown with RankActive. Perfect example, its module can be used to compare today and month ago position of keywords, track snippets and ads of your contestants in TOP 10, filter all data to analyze different changes, export the reports in PDF or Excel for clients.
The Ranking module consist of Controls, The Graph, The Table. The Controls module allows you to choose the temporal time of data and see the position of keywords in real time. The Graph shows you the percentage of TOP 3,5,10,100 keywords to other keywords in your page and accurate value of each of them. The Table is extensive module that shows:

  1. Search volume with popular keywords in selected region and search engine.
  2. Delta column with initial and end date difference. Here you can see the keywords that were rose or fell down in selected region in their positions.
  3. Relevant URL that match to each keyword.
  4. Data from Google Adwords – CPC and level of competition in the PPC.
  5. Keyword dynamics with dates of rising and falling of keywords’ positions.

If you want to check Google position for keyword, look at the ranking table and find the needed keyword using filtration. Such Google microelements like blogs, news, maps, discussions, shops, videos, photos can be your tactic methods to increase your traffic and ranking position.

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