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You can compare rankings of your project with any to dates.

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Keyword tags

Segment your keywords as you wish.

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Search volume, predicted traffic, CPC, KEI, total results and much more.

SERP history, ads and snippets

RankActive keep SERP snapshot, paid ads and snippet data for every keyword for every day.

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Easy check Google keyword position

Why you need to check keyword Google position

Google ranking of website keywords has great influence on traffic that directs to a site by search engine. That is why it is very important for every search engine optimization specialist to check Google position for keyword. It is commonly known that higher results on the search engine page bring more clicks and visitors to the website than ones down the page. To say more accurate, the first result of a search engine page receives twice more clicks than the second one. And the number of clicks decreases noticeably with every lower position. So, any SEO specialist needs to check Google keyword position when planning optimization steps.
Importance of Google search engine ranking decreasing lately because of some new features of search engine. Those are voice search, auto-complete function and conversational search. But this ranking is still the most important factor which affects traffic from search results pages. There are few kinds of keyword ranking to use when defining suitable short and long tail keywords, and one should know how to monitor each kind properly.

Proper ways of monitoring website’s ranking

Most obvious is using official Google’s tools if to speak about your own website. Webmaster Tools by Google provide accurate and sufficient results when you check Google position for keyword. But it fully works only for domains you control and doesn’t completely works if you would check Google keyword position for websites of a competitor.
Constantly growing competition for search results ranking and becoming users of search engines more smart and savvy force SEO specialists to use more complex keywords and ways of monitoring their ranking. Generic short keywords become less and less important, being replaced specific long phrases which are known to have bigger conversion of website’s pages.

What in paid Google position checker may be interesting for specialist

So, many people who are doing SEO professionally, chose paid tools, such as RankActive, to work with great amounts of long and complicated specific keywords. Being built especially for professional SEO experts and agencies, these tools have much more functions which help not only in Google ranking checking but also allow to work with other search engines.
Opportunities of paid tools give you ability to easy work with different websites on global or local market and more:

  • SEO expert can monitor everyday traffic from search engines, having the information automatically updated;
  • System allows comparing and analyzing rankings for any two dates you chose;
  • Simple update function gives to SEO specialist real-time ranking information;
  • System has handy tools for managing your keywords with a help of tags;
  • You can collect and analyse all data, concerning keywords: CPC, KEI, search volume and many others.

Besides all of this, systems like RankActive, allow users to keep snapshots of search engine page results, snippets and ads daily for any keyword. But what makes this tool really efficient and SEO work more productive, it is possibilities for scheduling and organizing of reports.

Some extra options

Scheduling means having a possibility to get reports as often as you need. Daily, weekly or monthly reports, being received on your email box, give you freedom in organizing and analyze SEO of yours or customers websites. You can analyze traffic and rankings for any period - week, month, year or other. There can be standard reports which system generates by itself, or reports you make for some special purposes. Also, these reports may be branded for better representation of your agency for customers. For organizing data and its representation paid ranking tools usually give powerful filtering functions. They allow users see any information they need in most convenient way.
So if you want to have easy monitoring your Google position and have it at more advanced level than obvious free tools can give, there is always choice of paid services and software. To make this choice easier you’d better try some of these tools and then make decision. It is easy to do thanks to trial periods or other special offers these companies give to potential customers. And, by the way, there are often some free tools you can use for your search engine optimization, made by these companies, which give an idea of their quality and service.

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