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How to Make Your SEO Agency Stand Out And Increase Sales

19 June 2018 Philip Volna Leave a comment SEO topics

I remember myself working as a secretary assistant for a construction supervision and expertise company. I had to deal with tons of papers which my table was stockpiled with. As I handled the documentation of the company, I saw our clients always circulating here and there because they had to go through different cabinets of […]

5 Blogging Tools I Constantly Use To Kill in SERPs

7 June 2018 Philip Volna Leave a comment SEO topics

Hola! I know you’ve been struggling to get ideas for your blog posts. It feels like you’re almost going crazy because you’ve tried to catch this sneaky muse that comes and goes. You feel like recently you’ve become more absentminded than ever before. And now you can’t simply concentrate on writing something decent, and you’re […]

The Ultimate Guide to Local SEO with RankActive

15 May 2018 Philip Volna Leave a comment SEO topics

The ultimate reward of having a website for your local business comes from establishing a new customer acquisition channel which will help you have a bigger impact on your clients. By creating a better online presence you’ll be able to help your clients find your business and, by doing so, you’ll make a better opportunity […]

How to Avoid International SEO Mistakes With RankActive

8 May 2018 Philip Volna Leave a comment SEO topics

International SEO are the actions you take to launch your website on different languages and countries and optimize for them. International SEO or geotargeting is sometimes like a refresh button, depending on which approach you choose. When companies decide to distribute their products in different countries, they need to lingualize their website to establish better […]